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What's the matter, did you get kicked out of the Ponds Institute or something?

Yeah! Give it a go! Without adverts you wouldn't get all those escapist yankee TV shows. All those doctors lawyers and molls on the loose.
Wake up to yourself, how else can people spice up their worthless boring lives?
What do you want them to do, start thinking?
You bloody COMMUNIST!

Z: How d'you know? They caught me using Solvol.

RH: I love those "escapist yankee TV shows".

"Moll? What do you want to be a moll for? Mucky little things."

~~ Mrs Bag, The Testing of Eric Olthwaite.

Shampoo Science?
Isn't that 'All hair is dead. Use our stuff to make it seem less dead'

I reckon "shampoo science" is just a load of soft soap. But I'm not gonna get caught up in splitting hairs over this issue.

DB: What? Like nail polish? You've stumbled on the new Two-in-One.

Nabakov - Hair today, shorn tomorrow.

reeling from Lout Of Africa then bushwhacked with the Mrs Bag quote. AGB sure is good bloody value mate.

Miss Jess is becoming a Melburnian and needs your persuasion to support The Demons. Please visit her and blow away the 44 commentors who say Eddies team. Please.

Mission accomplished, Brownie. Done and Deested.

More than 'accomplished'.
I knew you would blow the rest outta the water. I thank you and Miss Jess will thank you.

Haven't seen ad, but think it's a lot of hoopla about nothing really.

Bloody oath and all that.

Shampoo *is* science.

Didn't you know that 83% of users *saw* a difference!!
Just because it is objective doesn't mean it ain't science.

Is "that bloody ad" that nauseous NAB Cup effort featuring Nick Ree-volt?

Yeah they don't show shampoo ads on Fox Sports or Fox Footy Channel, so there's Buckley's chance I'll see it. What's all the noise about?

Nothing - just another glossy ad. It looks very much like the type of ad you see on aeroplanes.


Which means you did your job well. Indeed, I DO thank you for helping me make my choice. Now, do we Demons fans have any particular clubs we consider rivals? Who do I need to punch?

Don't be selective, Jess. There are 15 other clubs whose supporters need punching, so fill yer boots.

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