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Eagerly anticipate Next Wood.

As long as you don't get wood.

i can't make out the dates on each photo.

Sorry, I don't play wood association football.

There's no dates - they're plain trees. But for the record: April 2005, August 2005 and today.

"Is good beer. Drink, fucking."

Interest accent he's got. Is he just swearing, or saying that we should drink beer while having sexual intercourse?

How long does it take you Aussie to get wood!!! No wonder your Island is barley populated

Tim: For some reason Aussie wogs say adjectival swear words last. So "it's good fucking" means "it's fucking good". Not sure how the punctuation works.

Vaughny: Feel free to move here and live in the desert. By the way, you seen Wolf Creek?

"oh those plain trees will blind a weary driver..."

Paul Kelly? Hoodoo Gurus? Australia All Over with Macca?

The very thought of 6am Sunday mornings and feckin macca makes me feel murderous.

I don't know one person who doesn't want to strangle Macca. Universal snuffrage is the go.

The Pilbara seems to be full of crazy Croatians (they used be Yugos).
I worked at a mine that had two underground miners who used to work like madmen trying to outdo each other in tonnage moved on each shift, and after the shift they would run out to the access road, past the gate and beat the shit out of each other. (There was a "no fighting" policy at the site, so they went offsite!)
After this effort, they would come back to the wet mess, get a huge skinful of the booze du jour, hug each other, head back the donga, sleep, and start the whole process over again next shift.
No manager was ever game to sack them, crazy or not, they were too good as workers.

Would love to live in the desert, but alas Boots have ran out of factor 15 sun cream for my pale european skin. Tony, come and live in my shed, there are spiders in there I am sure even you Aussies would be wary of, plus apparantly a great white has been spotted of Cornwall so you should not get to home sick

Very true, Pedro, they were indeed called Yugos, and the bosses knew never to put the Croatians with Serbians. There were some healthy punch-ups in the local soccer, too.

You've pretty much summed up life in Kalgoorlie, but where I was in the Pilbara there was no underground mining.

Spiders, sharks, Vaughny? Now all you need to complete the package are bitey snakes.

Whereabouts, Tone? I lived in Para for 10 years, starting in '87. Olivia scared the crap out of me, demolished my patio (which I must confess was pretty dodgy structurally), and knocked over pretty much every tree in town. Not much in the way of other damage, though.

Wickham, tONE. Twelve years I lived there, then two in Perth followed by one in Geraldton and one in Kal. Never got to Para, or TP for that matter. I was a bit slack in getting about. Fortunately I saw plenty of the other places via football - Headland, Goldsworthy, Shay Gap, Newman. To be perfectly honest, I had a great time up there. Pity they can't move it closer to the rest of civilization.

You didn't miss much from a tourist perspective - they were great places to live, but not much to do for the visitor (apart from drink piss, of course). It was a good life - I've never moved back to a city since, but none of the other mining towns I've lived in since was as much fun.

That was funny, fucking.

I grew up in the tropics and have been through a few cyclones and hurricanes m'self. But if the hurricane cellar also doubles as the wine cellar, it's surprising how painlessly these things blow over.

tONE: It's one of my great regrets that I didn't see more of the Pilbara, but when you live in a place you tend to become blasé about the circs. Thus I never made it to Wittenoom, Broome, Tom Price, Paraburdoo or the Kimberlys. Pretty fucking slack, now that I think about it. Pretty slack, too, that I didn't take many photos. And the ones I did take, I've lost. Including an extensive collection of the Burrup Penninsula taken before Woodside moved in.

All reports about Wickham these days is that the place has become a dump. Disappointing for a place that has a real resonance for me.

Nabs: The TT cellar up north was stocked with all your favourites - Coolabah casks, Sprizig Moselle and Mateus Rosé. We were all class. We washed down that fine wine with lashings of Emu Export Lager. A substance I am wont to call 'an acquired taste'.

No Blue Nun?

Or Liebfraumilch.

BYO Maroomba!

We have Adders!!!! And Peter Beardsley who is pretty fucking scary

I'm not even going to ask why you were photographing that tree.

A quick search of the internerd reveals that Emu Export is still being manufactured, which is news to me. I didn't realise - as a WA resident, mind - that it actually still existed. Next thing you know, someone's going to hand me a Swan Gold or something.

And it can't be because Emu Export is actually produced for export. What alternate-reality shitheap would import it?

Is that right? I thought EEL would be made for ever, purely to spite eastern staters.

I could do with an emu how about yooo?

Vaughny and Wolf Creek. ha-haaaa.

John Jarrat deserved an Oscar for The Great McCarthy decades ago.

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