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Aunty Crack.

Lateline did actually leave a salty taste in my mouth the other night..........

Well, that's rooned it then, Burtois - no more Lateline for me.

What about spurt?

It cums before the wither.

That has to be the first honest, objective & unbiased reporting I've heard or seen from the ABC's News & Current Affairs division in years.

They're upholding the fine traditions of the much flaunted ABC Charter - truth in advertising, and all that bizness.

PS: I see The Darster fired Ponting with another dubious one. Not sure he's ever run across the concept of "benefit of the doubt". If he has, he's reversed back across it to make sure it's well and truly smooshed.

I'm off to put white stickers on my local ABC van now. Sort of cuts down on their available news market though. They could have shows like 'Gynaecology Today' and 'Fish or Chicken'.

Glad it's not smellivision.

It's pronounced "Thwaite".

Tee hee, Tony.

Is that the Rik Mayall from The Young Ones commenting?

Wow, but probably not.

Smellivision would have been great though sometimes the stench of news can be too much.


What's pronounced "Thwaite"?

That IS Rik Mayall. Really.

I hope you're charging him for the cunt - Al Swearengen.

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