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Typed, trebuchet answers on my desk, well, in the comments box, anyway, by the usual date, please.

What about courier? Or, if not, Times New Roman?

Anyway, maybe it was something to do with them having a different number system back then, or something.

Oh, crap. Looks like the formatting didn't come out at all. I blame the patriarchy. Or the communists. Or somebody.

The case change should now allow us to be discriminated, Tone. Oops, sorry, no discrimination allowed, right?

Anyway, back on topic, it's either something to do with the Gregorian vs Julian calender, or one of them got the same team of statisticians as The Lancet used.

Speaking of Wrong a Wrong a Rosie, a lot of people reckon it refers to the black plague. But it doesn't.

So says Snopes. http://www.snopes.com/language/literary/rosie.htm

(Was that irony intended?)

The numerical discrepancy stems from the fact that lowly common servants weren't actually counted in the official censuses (censi?) of the times, only gentlemen. The higher number therefore probably includes the boffin in question having a stab at the actual population.

It's a tradition that has been kept alive to this day... London is actually the most populous city on Earth, but only the well-to-do population of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster are ever registered in official figures. The poor chimney-sweeps and shoe-shiners of Brixton and Tower Hamlets go unheard and unnoticed. And qutie rightly, in my view: could you imagine what would happen if they actually counted as people? They'd want the vote next...

The Black Death wiped out all the people who could count ?

Back in olden days, one fifth meant divided by three. They used a different base number back then...clearly.

Trebuchets were pretty big devices. You'd want a big desk.

Ha Ha! No matter how much you swine knock trebuchet, you are all writing in it. Ha ha again. Ha.

Notoriously Big: The irony is always intended here. But not only that, I can take two bites of the cherry because whenever anyone sees Ring-A, whether it's true or it isn't, they think black death. So it's all good.

Carna: I'd like to use a trebuchet to throw my desk across campus. For experimental porpoises, of course.

As for the plague butcher's bill. It appears the "official" death count was 60 some thousand. Multiply that by 5 and you get the 300K. I suspect they got their wires crossed somewhere.

Not that I'm against bumping off paupers and the innumerate, mind.

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