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Died FROM a heart attack? Or died OF a heart attack? From? Of? How's that work then?

Perhaps he died from all the "excitement"

Nope. He died OF all the excitement.

Another Big Kev. Here is one of Kev's recipes:

BLT Tidbits

8oz. Cream Cheese softened
1/3 Jar Bronco Bob's Bacon Chipotle Sauce

Mix Well

That's it. Now - what are you waiting for?

Didn't is business go belly up?

Big belly up.

Do you imagine will there be a fountain of corpse giblets happening at the funeral parlour with this one as well?

Big Kev loved his hookers, especially the black ones. I think it made him feel all colonial or something.

He had a big fat house on the coast and the parties went on for days. He was well friggin excited...all the time.

Lemmy: They'll soon get rid of those giblets.

That's right. You're a local boy, aren't you, Russ. Did you ever manage to score an invite to said parties?

I love how the recipe for "BLT Tidbits" contains no actual bacon, and the lettuce and tomato are included almost as an afterthought.

No point complicating things, Carna. Just ladle the gunk into the old cake-hole.

Isn't "staph infection" what you get from dirty hospitals?

That could be Golden Staph. GS is to staph, what pneumonia is to colds.

I didn't personally, but one of my clients knew him quite well. He was a fellow spruiker.

Apparently Kev spent 10G's in a fortnight just on girls and class A's. There are some ladies on the coast who are loaded cos of Kev alone.

"He has left behind three beautiful sons (aged 28, 26 and 24) who totally adored him," she said.

Now I know why.

So you're saying that episode of Pizza where he eats the radioactive cheese, gets horny and says "I don't give a continental!" in one of the greatest non-Turpie cameos in Australian TV history was probably more realistic that we'd first thought?

What a legend.

Golden Staph is what you get from hospitals that are too clean.

Too clean? How's that work then, FX?

Dead Kev Update:

The passing of Big Kev was THE front page story in the Gold Coast Bulletin. No other stories made it on. Big news at the coast.

Bumped schoolies' then?

Not as slim? You make me sick.

Liar! You loved it.

Did you hear Dick Smith enterprises are gonna buy out his trademark? It will henceforth be known as...???

Ahhhh ... Richard Smythe?

Big Smiths.

Big Dick...

Well, I thought it was funny. Hmph.

Yes, it was funny, Rach. I am more than a little rather excited.

It's hilarious, just wanted to leave the saying out loud to you. Come to think of it, though, what company slogans there would be!



I didn't know he died... until now...
His "I'm excited" is used as a phrase, just like "Not happy Jan" lol Kev will definately go down in history and he'll be remembered for his contribution to the English language

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