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You're starting to sound like Chewy with his fat caught sideways in his underpants.

Look, if you come up to my rooms here on Baker Street and puff on a pipe laced with the cocaine all will come clear. Just settle back Tone, in darkness, and listen for the sleigh bells with my Stratovarius to soothe you to sleep. The games afoot.

The worst part of that film is the smug, sanctimonious, clearlt-modelled-on-Chelsea-Clinton daughter, who I have to say I hoped would get caught in the crossfire.

Pat: The game's afoot tomorrow - hope we win the toss, Ponting bats and Warne bowls last on a minefield. We'll struggle to bowl them out twice from what I've seen.

Steve: They should have chucked her out the door. Nauseating little slag just like the daughter on West Wing. Sadly there will be a plague of them. Did President Michael Douglas have one in The American President?

Yeah. I don't recall her having too much screen time though. It's funny, both in film and in real life, the President almost always has a daughter and almost never a son. Probably just as well, all things considered.

Good line for a woodwork class punchup though, "Get off my plane".

'32 is just any old number that somehow keeps reappearing. Why?'
32 human teeth is normal
32 bars to a waltz
32-letter Cyrillic alphabet
32F freezes water
3200 meters Melbourne Cup
32-bit operating System transmits everything
32 letters in each of the Ten Commandments
32 mentions of god in Book of Genesis, and,
there is something about 32 in Euclid's theories so
I guess it is just on the mind of every screenwriter.

Out of Sight (1998)
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller:
You're fucked up now, man. That's Himey. Protege of mine. Ranked number thirty-two in the federal prison system.


(I love Elmore Leonard dialogue)

Now there's a coincidence, Brownie - Out of Sight was my next cab off the rank. Exactly those lines.

The guy in Goodfellas who is telling the story:
"Thirty-two hundred dollars he gave me. Thirty-two hundred dollars for a lifetime. It wasn't even enough to pay for the coffin.

Goodfellas, hey. Didn't know that one. Consider it listed, Brownie - top work.

my brain works on electrical impulses, rating 32amps a.c

alternating between really stupid and really smart.

32 amperes - not just any number

I'm a 24Vdc type of guy. Supplied from a 10 Amp switched-mode power supply with uninterruptible 10 minute back-up courtesy of a bank of 200 microFarad capacitors. Keeps me at my optimum operating level of smart but not very smart.

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