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An excellent fillum, by the way, with this excellent line:

Watson: [the doorbell rings] Were you expecting someone?
Holmes: Not at this time of night.
Watson: Perhaps Mrs Hudson is entertaining.
Holmes: I've never found her so.

Tone! It's been ages since I've posted a comment here, that being that they banned all non-work related internet use at work, AND policed it (fascists!), so I couldn't visit with the regularlity to which your fine site deserves. Since I've connected t'internet at home though, I can go wherever I want with impunity! Ha! Getting to the point, I thought I might want you to know that I'm doing an evening course at the moment with guess how many people in the class....???? Well, it WAS 33 until someone dropped out the other day. PS, I'm looking forward to seeing Jacques have a bat tonight, he's batted up a storm over here in Pudding Island over the past few years.

Carrot! Great to hear from you again. Thanks and merry Seasonsgreetingmas, and all that. New Year, too, if that falls outside the designated season of greetings.

Pity Jacks never got going. The ball what pinged him was an awkward affair.

And I'd be mighty impressed if, in the spirit of 32, you had bumped off No.33.

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