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No, no. Not FLAT bastard. A good one, no? We appreciate the classics here.

Henry V could have used him at Agincourt to "close the wall up with our English dead".

Henry closed that wall up with French prisoners.

Good to see this blog is keeping up with current affairs, but why haven't you done a post on the cro-magnon war against the neanderthals yet? That's only, like, an epoch ago!

Oi! The rest of the world can talk about the stuff they like. Hanging junkies, Iraq, whatever. I'd rather talk about fat, dead kings.

Any relation to http://www.lifeinlegacy.com/2003/0125/WerbeniukBill.jpg target="_blank">William the Werbeniuk?

Looks like he would have been matey with Best.

Amanda Vanstone's burial doesn't bear thinking about after reading this.

I always felt that snooker was better when the participants were off their faces - when it wasn't alcohol, it was various drugs. Much more lively.

I love Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

FX: Politicians deserve the full honours bestowed by a mass grave.

Steve: Aussie snooker players don't need any drugs to behave like cunts.

A1.0: Wiki is my friend.

Ethelred the Unready, Robert The Magnificent, Anthony The Grogblogger, William The Conqueror even of his own mourners, and he died at the Convent of St.Ricky Gervais. That's why I read AGB - so I am ready for Eddie's Big Question.

Some day soon a Miwyonair winner will say "I read it on the AGB - Tony is THE font. Just don't call him Anthony, Ed."

PS: Someone should make William the Conqueror Worm.

Another interesting fact is that the day they buried Fat Bill, it was about 40C in northern France*. The body swelled up in the heat and the casket exploded; the putrifying body of Fat Bill being flung onto the ground for all and sundry to chunder over.

* most probably due to global emissions caused by the Bush Crime Gang

It was Bush's great, great, great, etc grand-dad, George Walker Adolf Halliberry Chimpy McConqueror. It's important to include all the names on trivia nights.

Going up with a bang and showering one’s mourning subjects with gobbets of used King is just the sort of panache that the Royal Family now so sadly lacks.

I don't know, Dr Scientist. Taking out an estranged daughter-in-law with an alcoholic chauffeur, a gaggle of Eurotrash paparazzi and a little white Fiat has a certain eccentric elan.

Eccentric elan. That's good. I wish I'd written that, dash it all.

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