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Well, you know, everyone else is! "When in Rome, don't be a Christian."

Release the hounds!

Didn't go to the rally. Took a sickie.


BTW, double-dare you to shout Show us yer tits! at Shazza Burrows or assorted other boilersuited ACTU cuties.

In a true Alan Partrdige style I hope all the bosses change the locks while the march in on and announce on the tannoy that in fact there is no march but a mass sacking.

Be careful how you express your solidarity. It is only a short step from anal bliss to anal blisters.

I didn't see you go past Tony.

But there were an awful lot of people.

we filled the local rsl club and watched some demonstration in melbourne on the big telly

Why are they wearing red garbage bags? Is it because they're bludging, hippy, commie bastards who wouldn't work in an iron lung and only bathe once a month? Or were they on special at Coles?

There's this nagging feeling I ought to write something profound about today's fun and games, but everyone seemed to be having so much fun, such a good time, in fact, that there doesn't seem much point.

People met; people walked; people talked; people shouted; people laughed and danced; people went home feeling good.

Me? I had an excellent burger in Smith Street.

I'd sack the fucking lot of you. Call the army in to "disperse" the crowds. By "disperse" I mean "machine gun".

Is there anything more pathetic than unions squealing for recognition? Yes, the Australian Greens doing the same. Wouldn't it have been ironic if someone had called a bomb threat on the rally?

And not surprisingly, the Greens were at the rally, too. Their placards read "Stop the lies The Greens".

I mean, I wish they'd included a comma.

S'o do I.

You know someone's serious when they bring in balloons and big gnome hats.

Yes, dancing will bring down Howard. Don't worry about building a credible opposition, just stick to the rug cutting.

Don't knock the power of dance. We had a Hippy festival here once,and I did a quite credible rain dance.

It didn't rain, but a few of the smelly bastards done got smote with lighting. The police informed me that they thought that the dance platform was somehow electrified, but I like the mystic explaination better, as there is much less chance I'll be sent up for GBH.

People mingling, socialising, getting out and voicing their opinions maybe hard to take for people who sit on their arses at a PC all day, getting piles and posting their "informed" opinions on their "blog".

Get out and get some fresh air you NERDS.

Thank you JonJon. We love you, too.

I wonder how JJ came to be reading this blog.

Must have been walking past a PC that happened to have a browser window open at AGB, read one post, didn't sit down, blurted the first thing that came into his head then dashed off to the next scheduled circle jerk with his union jockeys.

Who's in the saddle today JJ or are you waiting for the next Caucus to get the lot on board?

Critical commenters on the internet being critical of commenters on the internet. Honestly? It's a notion I've quite struggled to come to grips with.

What no big papier-mache heads?

Feh, not a REAL protest/demo/civil unrest action without papier-mache heads.
Get with the program, people.

Actually, Pedro, there were at least three of the fuckers. But my photos weren't very good. One had a badge that read "Lose jobs now, ask me how."

Witty, no?

Christ, if it's said "Blow Jobs Now..." I'd been all over it. Since I can lose my job on my own, what's the incentive to leave my bar stool?

Honestly, don't these people think?

You crack me up after grog blog... LOL!

If it said "Blow Jobs Now..." Doc, you'd have to have fought past at least 100 toothless, tattooed fork-lift drivers all keen for a break from blowing each other.

And Doc.E cracks me up, Jon. It's a laugh-riot all round.

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