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Richard Boone was excellent in The Tall T and Hombre but he should have mede more better films.

Sounds intriguing. And Ralph Meeker's in it, too, so there's a plus.

Bit of a change of speed to write a black comedy after The Manchurian Candidate. Or was this a humorous version of an ostensibly serious book, as with Casino Royale?

All Condon's books, including the Manchurian Candidate (Which is well worth reading. It has stuff in it that went too far for either film version), are full of very black humour. In fact he's as much a satirist as he is a thriller writer. And Winter Kills the book was very darkly funny.

I've never even heard of this film. Now I have to go and spend money to obtain it.

Or you could just give it to me. The money, that is.

I've got to start reading books again. I've gone from reading about sixty a year down to about three a year. And those three are usually just chaff.

Jeff Bridges has been some good fillums:

The Last Picture Show
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
Rancho Deluxe
Heaven's Gate (Not as bad as people make out)
Cutter's Way (superb)
The Big Lebowski

They are making a proper version of Casino Royale. It's directed by Martin Campbell who directed Rielly: Ace of Spies AND MINDER!!! But also Edge of Darkness, which was massively over-rated.

"They are making a proper version of Casino Royale."

And with a blond James Bond. That is so not gonna work. What's the betting they'll also dump Dench and Cleese, stick Bond into some "cool Britannia" streetwear crap and generally metrosexualise him.

I thought Brosan was the best Bond since Connery and, for my money, actually better than Sean after "Goldfinger". Some folks named after vegetables should really go back and reread the original books.

It's a pipe dream I know but I'd like to see "Casino Royale" made in period and reasonably faithful to the book. The 1953 Côte d'Azur in silvery B&W with supercharged Bentley 41/2-Litre convertibles, casinos, Bulgarian assassins and dinner jackets.

Almost like an updated version of the first screen Bond ever, and with the nationalities switched back.
Peter Lorre as the Bond master villain!!!?!!

For mine CR is one of the best Bond books and the card playing scene is close to the best bit from all the books. I am 100% with you on a faithful remake of it. I want to see the ruthless Bond of the books. A Bond with more nasty and less chuckles.

Hope the dye the new guy's hair.

Just pulled out my ancient 1953 Pan paperback (first edition) of Casino Royale.

The opening sentence...
"The scent of smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning. Then the soul-erosion produced by high gambling—a compost of greed and fear and nervous tension—becomes unbearable and the senses awake and revolt from it."

Bond gets ready for work...
"...he filled a flat, light gunmetal box with fifty of his Morland cigarettes...snapped his oxidised Ronson to see if neded fuel...pocketing the thin sheaf of ten mille notes...took out a light leather chamois holster.. a very flat .25 Beretta automatic with a skeleton grip..slipped his single-breasted dinner-jacket over his heavy silk evening shirt..."

Orders a drink...
'"Just a moment. Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Littet. Shake it very well until it's ice cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?'"

And explains baccarrat to Vesper Lynd...
"A whisper of love, a whisper of hate."

It's well worth rereading the actual Bond books chaps. Fleming had his ups and downs but there's some damn good stuff in them. And in "Casino Royale", "Moonraker", "Goldfinger" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" he writes some of the best ever mind-gaming with cards scenes.

Who shot Keegan ? Not Kevin Keegan ?

Sterling Hayden with his tanks is an indelible image. The rest is a bit vague so a DVD purchase sounds the go. Good work.

The DVD is a beauty. The film is good value, very funny, if a little convoluted. It's a kind of gonzo Chinatown. But the interview with William Richert is gold.

I could just sell you Nabakov's copy. For a tidy sum, of course. Just don't tell him.

Sir! Sir! 3 Days Of The Condor WAS funny - when the fugitive tied Dunaway to the cistern, saying 'don't worry I'm not gonna rape you or anything', she said 'it's early yet.'

well OK not FUN funny, but droll.

Nabakov will be so happy to be reminded that the ill-read Mr Vegetable has died.

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"because I think it's funny (and not at all coincidental) that you picked one of Nabakov's posts instead of one of mine."

Very ogey funny Tonygey.

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