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"Noone ever stops to think that he has never been convicted of abusing anyone."

Maybe not, but they're certainly working on it.

(From this morning's BBC News. Extraordinary coincidence, that.)

Holy shit! The stars (and ex-stars) are certainly lined up today.

Mmmmm, neked animals!!! Shaved? Mmmmmmm...

Bugs Bunny in a skirt and tight fitting blouse.

Is it art or is it pornography?

"Come on, come on"

It definitely takes on a new meaning now you know he fiddled the kiddies.

I don't follow you, Pat. What's with the Yahoo link?

That's just too ghastly an image to contemplate, Russ.

It's art, Pat, if you also happen to write 'Alice in Wonderland'...

But I'm tipping, Nails, it's not art if you write Phallus in Wonderland.

I get the reference to the sick Irishman "illigael" and the reference to the sick eagle "illeagal" but "illigial" has got me stumped. Maybe it's one for the over 40's (those sick bastards).

Sorry Tony. Gratuitous Googling. I'll Sin Bin myself. Feel free to delete.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Shit, Pat! The over 40 reference! I was going to take umbrage with that, what with me being a hot looking rooster, and all. But you know how it goes for us oldsters - I forgot to get upset.

Stuck on the illigial. There can only be a handfull of words ending like that. Vestigial, congial (when blod goes herd) and cruntoligial. Work the last one out for yourself.

Illigael is a reference to shot-putter Gael Mulhall failing a drug test.

in reference to what Bruce said, I remember something my father told me when I was rather young... you can never argue with an idiot... and the difference between art and pornography mate? Very little in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with art or pornography, but I don't think images of men having sex with grossly underaged girls compares to what images consenting adults make for other consenting adults to look at

This work of art by Bruce though is profoundly perplexing though. Idiocy bordering on madness overlooking genius.

His nationality perplexes me somewhat. His written formulation of the word different "differeent" would suggest a Mexican heritage or perhaps Austrian-Hungarian along the lines of Peter Lorre (is this a clue?)

The useage of a double ff "deffinition" points to an education Olde English, yet the name Bruce contrarily suggests a blunt dinkum Aussie style of bloke.

I'd hazard a guess that Bruce is in fact a Mexican migrant to Australia who anglicised his name in the reverse manner of Nino Culotta
and read Chaucer's Canterbury Tales on the boat over (possibly shown photos of over 40's copulating whilst in the midst of sea sickness and has developed a phobic association as a result).

Hello, hello, I'm back again. The hysteria that the subjects of kiddy porn and child molestation evoke smacks a little too much of homosexualist poofter bashers. It sort of reminds me of this Danish tabloid, and others of its ilk:

When Bamse-bbs was raided they made a scoop by having an "article" with 4 large pictures of very young girls, and the caption "It was pictures like these, people could get access to when using a modem!". Sadly there was a black square over the kids eyes, but luckily their cunts and tits weren't obscured.

If Gary Glitter (née Vicky Vomit) had been living in Denmark he wouldn't even have needed a computer.

"Carneagles" above linked to this interesting bit:'"If evidence of a (legal) violation is found against Mr. Paul Francis, and especially evidence of sexual child abuse, I believe that very strict legal measures will apply to him," said Mr Le Dung.' So it looks like there could be some trouble.

I thought it was only art if you got the government grant?

That's it. I don't want to be in your gang any more.

What about owning photos of Gary with his clothes off? I bet not even Bruce is prepared to defend that one.

Or even photos without his rug on. Gruesome.

have you been watching Family Guy Tim T.?!

and as to how discussing this issue resembles hysteria I'll never know Clem Snide, I don't see anyone posting pictures of child pornography here for research or anything

Was he planning to Bang Cock ?

Apparently he was EXPELLED from Cambodia in 2002 after trawling for under-age sex. Allegedly. Must be the only reason for wanting to enter that shit-hole. He has committed "obscene acts with a child". I wonder if that's any worse than what i have done at my cricket club?

"I wanna be in your kiddie gang bang".

You lot pick on this fine artist far too frequently. What are a few indiscretions when considering the output of this great man.

Time this blog gave itself a glitterectomy.

That's going a little far, SB. How about I post some of my baby photos instead?

I'm in vietnam at the moment. The papers report that the cops here are trying to pick him up, he slunk over from cambodia a little while back and set himself up in some small village until he was spotted. After the word got out the cops went out to visit but he scuttled overnight. A couple of young girls came forward and said he touched them up.

I can't get over his gall, everyone knows he's a rampant ped, and instead of lying low he keeps on going. Someone should just do it privately, have his nads cut off and dumped in the mekong.

I wonder if this topic is in discussion at the Pete Townshend 200-comments-per-post blog (visit Larvatus Prodeo for the link). Gaz and Pete coulda been holed up together ( h-a-a-a-a) writing really great songs - My Penetration anyone?

C'mon, Brownie - Pete's was research. We all know that, he said so.

The Kids are Alright.

Speaking of vermin, how are those rats going, Arma?

Ever hear of Ankor Wat, BP?

Come on, Glitter just likes doing it for (with) The Kids !!

Old Glitter Boy hey!!!!!
Disgrace, blah blah blah blah and all the usual shit that the press come out with.
Its simple really,He is our problem,so get him back here and cut his bollocks off
Not that its relevent but his music was shite aswell ( in my opinion)

A blog on the link 'never been convicted of anything'
mmmm let me ponder on this a moment
Ofcourse he has been convicted you knob, he did a stretch over here for his sick peversions, all be it not a long one and its shows British justice up for what it is (Its the only time I wish I was born in Iran, and he had been convicted Iran style)

Ankor who? (Nyuk. Nyuk. Nyuk.)

To be fair to Bruce, Vaughny, he did write "Noone ever stops to think that he has never been convicted of abusing anyone" before Glitter was convicted of fiddling kiddies in Cambodia.

Of course, back then Bruce was still a twat. Now he is an utter twat.

Any kids in here!?

They ran away when they saw you coming, Gaz, me old rock spider.

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