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If you want to know how good an Italian restaurant is, don't order some fancy dish with artichoke hearts or any of that pony, order the lasagne. It's a true test of culinary skill.

If they have a chamberpot in the gents too then you know you may as well be in Rome.

I hardly ever eat Italian when I go out. Dunno why; just don't. Balls to artichoke hearts, all the same. Frightful rubbish that.

It is a capital T Tower, isn't it? One can never be certain about these things.

A good lasagne is a thing of beauty. I always put a bit of milk in my ragu, it adds to the overall unctuousness.

Did you know that the Italians call trifle zuppa inglese? Cheeky fuckers.

Zuppa? I'll have to take your word on the cheeky fuckers. It wouldn't be something as obvious sounding as soup, I suppose?

Inglese, though, I've got that. Inglorious, right.

Did you have fun playing with the template of the blog last night?

Dirk Thruster put me onto this Flooble outfit. They have all sorts of sexy codes. It is addictive. Once you start tinkering, you can't stop.

I'm pretty boring when it comes to Italian food. Big bowl of spaghetti bolognese and a bit of garlic bread and I'm happy. Checked tablecloth and candle-in-Chianti-bottle not compulsory, but desirable.

I see that the corresponding Wikipedia entry doesn't have any quotes like they do for lasagna. Surely this is just an oversight - literature is surely awash with fruity paeans to spag bol.

"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti."

-- Sophia Loren

Ah, there ya go. Noel Gallagher, pfft.

well, while we are with word origins
pasta, paste, pastry, patty and pâté
all come from the Greek word paste = barley porridge.

So think of lasagna as dried sheets of barley porridge served in a chamber pot - deelish!

tony- Lasagna derives from ITALIAN mate. Nothing Greek about it. You been spending too much time in Richmond or sumfink ?

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