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* Utter also owns a farm.

Udder Bastard, then?

(For "Bastard" read "Fuckwit")

aah - I know the syndrome. "Rural town employment job for life no need for standards or service quality". He'll be "sick " at home on the farm getting more than a few jobs up to date. Don't fret, he'll be back in time for next long weekend, rostered day orf or skool hols or just to fill in the workcare form or bullying complaint to union.

Yours sincerely
Jaded Manager

A remote farm? A nice, secluded, out of sight farm? One that has digging equipment and loads of disked up earth where someone could easily stuff a corpse? One where the nearest neighbors may not press too hard once they feel his absence has been a wee bit long?

Hell, Tony, it seems like Utter's done half your bloody work for you.

Teaching is a dirty word Tony. A repugnant and highly offensive word to boot.

This thread has been milked too much already.

Doc, if I was to give up blogging about teaching, I'd have nothing to write about.

[Hold that retort]

Have you thought about teaching about blogging instead?

Teaching about Blogging sounds a mighty fine idea. You could be a Professor of Blogging Tony. earn even more dollars teaching the likes of me how to Post interesting and readable subjects, gaining an admiring public etc etc. There's cash in it somewhere.

Tony to blog class: "Just blog, you shits!"

Try working in the NHS like I do. Sickies flow like saline into a vein.

They flow so slickly that I made a mistake in my last post. My real name is Foot Eater, not Tim. I'd say 'feel free to delete this post' but that would be gauche.

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