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Simon Jones - Wales but plays for England.

Norman Davies in The Isles comes to the conclusion (IIRC) that the likely end-product of political devolution is that the UK will eventually break into its constituent parts in the future, with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all as separate states within the EU. Then we'll all have to buy new atlases.

That's a point, Burtois. It used to be the England & Wales Cricket Board (or something like that), but now it's just the ECB. You remember when Gower flew that plane over Carreras? Was the guy in the plane with him Hugh Morris? Anyhoo, he was Welsh, too.

Carna. The dissolution of the Soviet Union (and the wider eastern block) was a dead-set boon for atlas makers.

I wonder if any Scotsman would be prepared to stand up and shout "I want to stay with England!"

I like that the Faroe Islands get a gig in the atlas, and England, Scotland and Wales don't.

Interesting. Do you know a good constituent researcher?

If the host were to ask Commonwealth Games related trivia, he may have to qualify the terms, or I'm on the side of the country punters.

I know a researcher whose constituent parts are the sum of their whole. More or less.

I think he, either needs to qualify the question every time he asks it, but that often gives away the answer. Or he stands on his digs and says "Bugger England! England is wrong. The answer is United Kingdom."

Indeed- either he stands on his digs or digs himself deeper into trivia no man's land's end.

I dig that pun.


Yes. Yes I can. I dig it ... dug it.

Reminds me of the Young Ones:

Woman (to Neil digging a grave): Do you dig graves?
Neil: Yeah, I think they're really cool

Wasn't "bugger England" the last words of King George V?

No it was "Bugger Bognois"

I thought it was "Bugger Bognor" (and having been on holiday to Bognor I can understand his sentiments).

And if countries that are part of a greater union don't count then what's going to happen when the EU really kicks off? The atlas will die in the arse.

There is faeces on the walls, there is faeces all over the place.

Of course England isn't a country. Hasn't been for 8 centuries now.

What about the ashes ? Great Britain got a hold of them at the moment. And what's so great about it ? Their Empire consists of some lonely little Island in the South Pacific. And they nearly lost that.

I'd like Bognor. I'm a big fan of holiday "hot spots" that are famous because they are horrible.

"We pee on the floor. We are like animals," said Taffany Smith

Taffany is a good name for a dog. A silky terrier, probably.


It's quite simple. Great Britain is the funny shaped big bit (England, Wales, Scotland). The UK is the funny shaped bit plus a bit of the other funny shaped bit (Northern Ireland). Plus a few other crap places (Shetlands etc).

England, NI, Scotland and Wales have kept their separation in the sporting world (FIFA etc) because that way there are four votes instead of one. And despite the miserable Welsh, violent Scots, and confused Ulstermen (yes I know there is a difference between Ulster and NI and its not all men there so fuck off) despising us show much, we all vote the same way when it comes to hosting big events and rule changes.

Me? I'd float Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland off back to their mud huts. And no Jocko, the North Sea Oil is ours.

But what do I care now? I'm Australian now and I don't have do deal with this kind of crap again unless we absorb NZ or the Tazzies get antsy.

Aussie. Aussie. Aussie. Flute. Flute. Flute.

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