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Is that lock-it-in-Eddie Eddie? The camera loves him, eh...

Old 'red eyes' has struck yet again. Do NOT play it again Tony.

Judging by the pupils of the bloke on the right he's off his tits. Judging by the appearance of the bloke on the left, he is a tit.

There is always something going down at the Price of Wales...

A misspelling and a sexual innuendo in one sentence. Kill 'em all.

Is that you on the right?

Pie Eyed? Judging by the redness, baked.

Actually, I think it is Tony on the left.

my God, for all the money in the world I would NOT shag Eddie McGuire. Ugh.

I would- he's a sort of Peter Andre clone.

Cats maul Demons and your mini revival is over. Us ? Where have all the goals gone ?

We know where they're coming from - out of Shane McInerney's arse, allegedly - so it should be a simple exercise to work out where they're going.

Bad luck about your Mons Tony - sincere commiserations. As for the Swans - I don't think your umpires will ever let them win the flag - so much for the "National Game" (trumpets sounding).

Time to swap codes mate - Go the Eels!!

Ahh, no wrist slitting here, Pat. The Mons weren't good enough. In fact, we had our pants pulled down, it was embarrassing.

Still gonna blame the umpire, though.

PS: Whose idea was it to call Parra "The Eeeeeels"?

Now excuse me while I oil-up. I'm off to The Prince.

Holy hell, Eddie's shattered. I feel sort of uncomfortable thinking too much into it, I go to the same unhappy place I go to when I hear Derryn Hinch talk about his movements.

Peter Frilingos, a sports journo who died this year, came up with the eel as the club emblem. The word Parramatta, as I am led to believe, is aboriginal for "place of eels"(though this could be apocryphal).

Back in the 70's the club emblem was of an aboriginal man standing overlooking a river holding a spear with his right foot resting on the inside of his left knee. Apparently aboriginals use to do this alot though the habit has obviously died out as I am yet to see any of them do this. Ernie Dingo himself has attested to never witnessing this pose. That emblem is still on display on a big mural as you enter Parra from the Great Western Highway.

I am also led to believe that Parra was known as "The Rams" before they entered the 1st grade comp. There has been a push of late to change back to that.

I love google - Fruity.

BB, I've met Hinchy and the idea of him talking movements over dirty martinis unsettles me.

Eels? Chippy goes better with Sharks.

Oooo ... that pun bites ... err ... just sucks.

Eddie drunk at a hotel- where's Zdravko Micevic when you need him?

I assumed you would not have heard of Frilingos Tony - what with the infamous Melburnian football myopia and all. I salute you.

Didn't Frilingos pass away not too long ago, Pat?

Yep - Chippy died earlier this year.

Hairpie there?

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