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Blood is played by a dog named Tiger and was the dog from The Brady Bunch. Seriously!

And do you realise that there was going to be a sequel called "A Girl And Her Dog" but Blood died?

there's a much better film showing at http://www.matera.com.au/historyofdockers/

I hadn't seen this, and must do.

Hell comes to Frogtown is of similar vintage and scenario. A magnificent vehicle for Rowdy Roddy Piper.

And for the record, "Nasty Hunter" is the most amusing and stupid movie I have ever seen.

I actually remember reading the story many years ago. It's a great piece of writing.

[Spoiler removed by TT]

There's also an idea in there which is years ahead of "Scent of a Woman" ... when they go to the pictures and Blood smells the girl from one of the underground towns in the audience.

[Note: That point was not spoilerish - TT]

Way to go with the spoilers os! To the Farm with you!

Zounds! How about that, then. I was just attending to the spoiler as you wrote that, Nabs.

Jolly good. Carry on, all.

"...lack of respect, wrong attitude, failure to obey authority..."

That Dockers fillum was superb, Os. And they didn't even mention Jeff White or Arnaud Clement. I'm sure there is also another big-name player running around someone else, but I can't for the life of me remember who it is. IT ain't Scotty Watters, though. Or Chris Groom.

"Get another Michael from the warehouse - no smile this time."

It is rather surprising they didn't run with ABAHD's alternate title - "Psycho Boy and His Killer Dog".

Some top-shelf LQ fillums...

Ride The High Country
Major Dundee
Nevada Smith
Hang 'Em High
The Wild Bunch
The Ballad Of Cable Hogue
Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
Columbo: The Conspirators
The Jack Bull

Most of them are Peckinpah vehicles, but I highly recommend The Jack Bull, an excellent made-for-telly western. LQ plays a nasty town big-wig.

PG&BTK is a balls-up, but an enjoyable balls-up with some fine set-pieces.

However, the two creams of this crop are RTHC and TWB. Two magnificent movies.

That's right. LQ Jones was the Gaming Commissioner/local pollie/County fixer in Casino trying to talk De Niro out of sacking his dim nephew.

Shit, forgot to mention I think Casino is a very underappreciated flick. Along with Mean Streets and Goodfellas it forms a magnificent American trilogy. Better I reckon in many ways than the Godfather trinity. Less selfconscious mythology, more of the nuts and bolts of clawing yer way from the street to the penthouse - and then falling off the balcony while admiring your reflection in the money.

christ- how old was Don Johnson in that fillum ?

Craven and abject apologies for being a spoiler Mr T Sir. I was showing off by proving I had actually read something right through. I'm getting my criminal genius son to download the fillum, so thanx for the tip off.

LQ = legend. Should have directed more. In the Charles Laughton one-hit-wonder-as-director class.

The plot sounds like a cross between Damnation Alley and Benji.

More appropriately - Benji The Hunter.

Nabs, I think Casino is close to Scorsese's best fillum. But I'm no big Marty fan.

No, Goodfellas has my vote, great though Casino is. De Niro isn't credible as a Jewish gangster. Though Joe Pesci's exit in Casino knocks his one in Goodfellas into a cocked hat

I've never looked at a fountain pen the same way since Casino.

Agree about Deniro as the Jewish gangster, but I prefer C to GF. Not sure why, it just seems a more natural fillum. There's less feeling of Marty showing off.

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