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They still got one in, though. "Utter-Fuckwit-Tony, he's a nightmare."

Sounds like he could do with a couple of lessons teaching Ag with the 'special' kids. I've found the most effective defence against arsewits like this is to beat them senseless.

Works a treat.

The boss won't let him within cooey of anything difficult.

Like spelling.

What spelling?

Cooey? Phooey! It's vernakularish.

Oh. And by the way, FX. You are too, too kind. Thank you very little.

Don't mention it. The pressure is all mine.

I'm welcome.

I used to work with a fuck-wit of similar caliber. We had great fun agreeing with him and adding more preposterous claims, most of which he eventually absorbed into his world view and claimed as the products of his own genius.

The last I heard, he is no longer employed at the lab, but spends his time wandering the library stacks, muttering to himself and trying to prove that Jesus's spaceships are on their way.

I guess it wasn't very nice of us to fuck with the head of a schizo, but damn, it was fun.

Not that I'm suggesting that your students take a similar approach, mind.

But if they did, and were to capture it on video, I'd be willing to pay a few bucks to watch it...

now that we are sharing and bonding - did you go see The Specials or the Two-Tone show or whatever it was last week?

This bloke's quirks wouldn't be a mere tape. They would be a big budget, wide-screen, Todd-AO, Panorama-scopic meisterwerk.

I think his most annoying defect, though, is that he has all these ridiculous nick-names for people he doesn't like. They are all jaw-droppingly unfunny and yet he always, ALWAYS, follows them with a self-pleased chuckle.

A knob.

Didn't make it, FX. No show at the show. I'm not up to much band-going these days. I tell you what, though, I'll put on Message To You right now...




Stop your messin' around ...


now that we are sharing and bonding - did you go see The Specials or the Two-Tone show or whatever it was last week?

rudi a message to you rudi

Blimey, FX. That is far too subtle for this blog. Either that, or it is a mis-publish. That is how subtle it is. Might be, anyway; far as I can tell.

I was always the first one to talk to new dickheads at work. Then I realised that the great majority of employees are tools in their first month cos it's all bravado and oral defecation. It then made sure it was 6 weeks before I talked to any new members of staff. That was doubly effective if you were their boss. You could see them crying for acknowledgement by week 5.

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