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Who gives a shit about the cricket? The footy finals approach.

"Although fuck knows why SBS think I want to watch a replay of the first day from Edgbaston. Probably Channel Four's way of rubbing in Ponting's decision to bowl - as if we'll ever forget."

4 have just shown highlights of the ODI in Bristol back in June. Oh happy day! And highlights of the Natwest Series final, which I missed.

In any case, I'd have to say your bowling looked pretty shifty this morning. And Warne is acting like he's on speed or something.

He's just channeling my anger and rage. There's nothing wrong with me. I just threatened Tony via email with a barrell burial but I am from Adelaide. We can do that sort of thing..

Pommy Bastards. And as for our batsmen....

Not speed, Ed, diet pills.

No McGrath, no Australia. We better find some bowlers quick sticks.

And I took him seriously, too, ed. Every street in Adelaide is now called Cromwell Road, and the parks are changing to moors.

And a faint mist arises...

And, no, my eyes have not deceived me but Punter has just had Vaughn caught behind !!!! Yes, it HAS happened. 4 Solid overs from Punter, with batters scarcely holding themselves back, keeping an outside off line and finally temting Vaughn to nick a decent one .

The defining moment in this test perhaps ? He was looking set to score a big ton.

Tait is here to stay. I reckon i misjudged the bloke a year ago .

A sorry state of affairs when Ponting demonstrates some of the most convincing bowling from the Australians during Day 1...

Greetings, keystrokers.

Considering this is a "look back" thread, check out what I had to say before they were even tossing names around for this tour.

I am clevarr.

Tait looked fairly good, especially considering how poor he has been in other matches, he was your best bowler on the first day, how many no balls though ? Don't your lads know where to start their run ups ?

Vaughan, what a mare, he was in the territory where he converts nearly all his innings into centuries and he gets out to that plodder.

It all looks fairly even at the end of the first day, Pieterson has played well, nearly resisting his wilder urges, it's pissing it down here as I write so may be more rain down south at TB.

"Punter The Plodder" Indeed. But if he travelled to England to play in your club cricket, we reckon he would take 40-50 wickets playing good standard Premier League cricket. Guess that kinda shows the differing standards in cricket.

Flintoff has stroked a 100. I can take that.

BUT Jones made 85 ! Now that does take some understanding.

99-5, is there anyone who can save Australia this time around, this might just be it, the Ashes are slipping away.

I hope.

What a day! Ahahahaha! Knighthoods all round for the umpires.

Couple of those decisions there was more wood than pad !! But, hey, that's the game, musn't grumble. Much.

Clarkie was looking good, everything hitting the middle of his bat, until he missed one plumb in front to end the days play. A truly Herulcean performance is necessary now- who would bet against it ?

The hideous possibility of an epic Gilchrist-Warne partnership looms large, but otherwise 'hello follow on!'

It was outstanding performance from England. The side did outclass Australia in every department of the game. I just loved the way Andrew Flintoff boomed Australian bowlers and Brette Lee in particular throughout the series. Ha-ha!

Yes. It was all good. Huzzar for old blighty, St George and the MCC. By the way, Keithy, I just removed your URL.

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