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What about Staffies? I know two who were clever enough to get taken home by the two biggest suckers on the face of the planet. Got to argue some of the others- I've known several Border Collies, and they are out of their tiny minds, same goes for Cattle Dogs; Papillons and Poodles are future catfood and yappy, brainless walking hairdoos, and Golden Retrievers are the Hippy of the dog world. Basenjis are smart enough to be able to climb trees anf yodel. Go figure.

Smartest dog I've ever known: a black labrador cross.
Dumbest: a yellow lab.
In this house a Jack Russell will always outsmart a bluey with behavioural issues.

I own 2 Jack Russell Terriers and one of them is as dumb as a politician. They bark at almost anything that moves and continually attempt to escape the yard by either digging or clambering over the fences. Mad, bloody mad mate. In my view the Bloodhound is the stupidest mutt around, no contest.

Border collies have a high incidence of epilepsy. Watching one have a seizure is a horrible thing, sort of like that scene in The Fly where the baboon gets turned inside out, but without the gore.

Oops, forgot to turn the italics off.

My last dog was a bearded collie, and he was a freakin' genius. And very polite, too--none of that crotch sniffing you tend to see in the lower species (like, for example, your Paris Hiltons of the world).

Crikey, I thought it was a photo of bin Laden..

We've got a cattledog (cross) that's practically psychic. I'm tempted to send her to work for me one day, but I'm afraid she'll do a better job and I'll get sacked. After all, when you think about it, an awful lot of jobs out there these days involve rounding up and herding some sort of livestock.

The odd thing is that she looks like she's been crossed with a dalmatian, and in my experience they're typically a box of hammers in a spotty coat.

It's not really surprising that Afghans are thick. They look like they should be.


A lot of the trouble with border collies is that they are too intelligent for their owners :)

Get left doing nothing so they make up their own entertainment. What's that saying about the devil and idle dogs?

That's "the devil and idol dogs" I think you'll find. Many of them make bite work.

Thinking about going through the paperwork to legally own a dingo?


A friend had one and it was a skittish drama queen. And having been introduced to another semi-tame one elsewhere, I'm still prepared to hold by the generalisation above.

My mate's dingo woudn't eat its food until it was warmed to just the right temperature, would leap up and patrol the room at the slightest provocation (and I mean slightest - like changing the TV channel), was easily freaked out by cats and did not like being touched at all.

On the other hand it never barked (or made any kind of noise at all beyond that weird yawn/whine thing), did very discreet and well hidden poos and never smelt of dog, even when wet. Basically a pragmatic but not very sociable hunter and scavenger. Definitely not a pack animal. Guess that's why they call 'em wild dogs.

Give me something with a solid dollop of blue heeler or terrier any day. Dogs that would shout their round and cheerfully help you out if you ordered too big a pizza.

How'd it go around the toddlers, Nab?

Toddlers? that would be Family Planning.

paperwork? just tell the council it's a retriever cross.

Tired of seeing that "Intelligence of Dogs" crap. The guy who wrote it is clueless.

I'm sorry, but any dog with the word "retriever" as part of its name is usually as dumb as a stump. They have one brain cell labeled "pee," one labeled "poop," one labeled "eat," one labeled "sleep," and one labeled, "Chase that!" You can almost see the giant question marks hovering over their pointy heads. :-)

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