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Thanks for the review, I'll make sure I catch KMD.

Also, is "Coming soon" what you hope for when you watch those other movies?

Coming soon: 70s sci-fi porn..

Oh good - does that mean you are deconstructing Flesh Gordon one of my faves of that genre. Or does Flesh Gordon comprise the entire oeuvre?

Oh, you two! Since when has this blog ever been a forum for rank Doooooble On-ton-draaaa.

Since ever, that's when! Good work.

Perhaps Nabs meant Coming Home: 70s viet-fi porn.

Apropos nudiness, when I saw Coming Home in 1979, it contained a rather graphic sex scene with Jon Voight and Hanoi Jane which I have never seen since. Was it cut? Or maybe I was just mistaken first time round. Very puzzling, either way

And for my tummy, the words "Flesh Gordon" and "oeuvre" sit somewhat oddly. How come oeuvre is not classified as a rude word?

Yes I must try to catch KMD now too - not only for the post-modern storyline and the sonnet-puzzling, but a glimpse of the vintage answering machine. A bit like the Coffee Plunger in Ipcress?

Hello there, boyntonb. It's always nice to receive new commenters.

PS: the fillum is very much in the oeuvre (oooooooo, you sexy word, you) of a certain touchy evilly fillum.

Could say b for the B movies but KMD sounds rather A.

btw - Australian Hammer Posters

Documentary on yoga

Documentary on yoga

The Horrrrrorrr. The Horrrrrorrr.

Great seeing Cloris Leachman, a Mel Brooks regular, in a small but pivotal role.

Mike Hammer is one great hard-boiled dick.

Can you believe that Cloris is nearly 80. She was born the same year as the Queen, for Christsakes!

"Frau Blücher?


Great in The Last Picture Show, too.

A young Strother Martin was in it too. Well, youngish. He's one of those dudes who even as a teenager would have looked about 40.

"Flesh Gordon"? Whaddya think this is? Cineste International? Film Studies Journal?

You want classy flicks, go somewhere else. I'll be flogging stuff that would scare the pants off Flesh Gordon. Oh, too late I see.

These comments on this piece do not appear in my OPERA. Works ok in FF and IE. dunno what is problem.


Great review. I'll have to hunt this movie down and see it.

I take it, then, that Tarantino lifted the idea for the off-screen torture in Reservoir Dogs from this particular film?

Review almost makes me think that Stacy Keach is not the best Mike Hammer. That can't be right.

Young Oliver Reed? You should check out The League of Gentlemen, where he makes a five second appearance in an otherwise surprisingly dark at times film. Jack Hawkins, Dickie Attenborough etc. Bloody good flick.

"Tarantino lifted the idea for the off-screen torture in Reservoir Dogs from this particular film?"

And more, including a key gimmick for Pulp Fiction.

And Meeker's Hammer would have just flattened Keach's. He's one tough bastard who gets driven off a cliff in a car, coshed, drugged and shot and still keeps coming back.

My local video store has it on DVD now(the DVD version is a nice clear print struck from the negative, complete with the missing ending) so you should be able to get it around the traps here. If not, it's easily ordered online.

some confusion over the director's intended ending

But was there? Aldrich's own print of the film contained the lost ending, which is how it finally got back into circulation, and the screenplay for the film specified the longer ending. The only confusion, as far as I can see, is over why the ending was chopped up in the first place...

Yer right there Jimmy F about the ending, and perhaps I should have framed my original reference to this issue better. But the fact we're actually having this interchange just underlines what a classic cult flick Deadly is.

There's even whole bloody websites that take it apart frame by frame.

In the case above, I'm with Mike Hammer. Slap 'em around until they make sense.

FX: What's Opera, Doc?

Ho Ho. Ha Ha. It is to laugh.

On a seriously note, folks, I made some changes yesterday. I took the sidebars out of the Date Archives, The Individual Archives and thus indirectly, out of the comments section. It hasn't made any difference in IE or FF and as I really like the look, I'll keep it that way.

Has your Opera system always worked here, FX? I don't know how taking the sidebars out should affect the comments section.

Nabs, I just had a look at Robert Aldrich on the IMDB and by crikey he's made a lot of good films.

Kiss Me Deadly
The Big Knife
Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
Flight of the Phoenix was OK
The Dirty Dozen is OK, too
Ulzana's Raid is one of my favourite westerns
Emperor of the North Pole
The Longest Yard the best version by a mile
Hustle was OK
The Frisco Kid I enjoyed as a youngster, not sure how it stands up
Pity The Choir Boys was a stuff up, I loved the book.

A top body of work.

I like my ouevres 'over easy' except film noir which cannot be noir enough. Unfortunately I rushed off to The Grifters (Virginia Madsen, Anjelica Huston playing John Cusack's mother) with a person who loathed it and their unhappiness ruined it for me. won't make that mistake again.
Glad Tony finally mentioned Aldrich's Longest Yard which had the most excellent cast and one of my favourite film lines from Burt 'under-rated' Reynolds character when he leans over the jail receptionists (bernadette peters) beehive hair and says "did you ever find a spider in there?" I would not bother with the remake.

There was actually a lame Pommy remake, too, Brownie with soccer thug Vinnie Jones in the main role and a very sick looking David Hemmings as the warden. Bordering on crap, it was. The new Hollywood remake just looks like unwatchable rubbish.

For you film buffs out there...


It's an auction of hollywood props - the jewels of the crown being a couple of lightsabres. There's load of crap in there, but some cool stuff too from movies like The Ten Commandments and some Ray Harryhausen casts.

Wow, great film. Loved the mid-50's Los Angeles setting.

Well carneagles, if you saw it because of this Grogflog then my work here on this planet is done.

Seriously though, the aim of this exercise is basically to turn people onto overlooked films. And, as Tony said when I pitched the idea to him, even if we get just one person to check out something we both think should deserve a bigger audience, then that makes it all worthwhile.

Your comment just made it all worthwhile.

Stayed tuned. Especially if yer into retro Californian filmscapes.

Nabakov took the words right out of my mouth (and no, it's not while I was kissing me).

The idea that someone read the post, went out and watched at the fillum, and subsequently enjoyed it, makes the whole exercise worthwhile.

I remember seeing kiss me deadly on daytime tv as a kid cos I was off sick from school.vMade me go and steal all my dad's Chandler Spillane & Hammet books & never give em back. Man, I'd love to see it again.

Those were the days, Rob. Now all you get on daytime TV are telly movies about American moms struggling with booze, marriage, kids, drugs, gambling, menopause, etc.

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