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Half-life. Be in it.

Gold gold gold Australia.

You're too, too kind.

Radiation therapy is used in cancer treatment in France as well. Or have I just completely misunderstood your text.

I wonder, Anne, me not being a medical type and all, whether radiation treatment for cancer is different from the radiation effects of Radium and Radithon. As the later bit suggests, maybe it's a matter of degrees.

We have radiation cancer therapy here, too.

Were any of Marie Curies' fingers preserved for later inclusion in a Wendy's burger?

I bet there's been the odd finger served up in a burger. Other body parts, too. Not sure if the fingers belonged to Marie, though.

In fact, I'd win the bet.

Nothing to do with radiation, but I attended a sports medicine seminar once. They had a chappie give us a lecture on the history of sports medicine. At one stage, apparently the cure for repeated cramping in the same muscle was to kill a cat by slitting it open lengthwise and then wrap the cat around the offending muscle.

You know, I'm trying very hard to think WHY anyone would think wrapping a dead cat round your leg would halp cramp.

A dead chicken, sure.

Sounds like a good plan to me, Dirk - I can think of a few cats that would be prime candidates.

Tony, there's a good history of this sort of thing in Australia recently published, "Paradise of Quacks". Plus it was written by a rellie, and I'm getting a percentage.

It actually sound like a good read, Waste.

Paradise of Quacks is both a sparkling, witty book and a full-length scholarly history of medicine in Australia. It is a history of scientific medicine that looks at the field’s disreputable origins in the convict colony and its struggle for respectability. It is also a history of alternative medicine that covers the growth of popular non-scientific therapies.

Sounds the business. Another I'll put on my listy.

Half-life etc would make an excellent tee shirt. Should piss a few greenies off too! Which as you know, is always good for a laugh.

Peter Garrett should get one for when he fully converts to nuclear power.

Dirk - I often get cramps in bed at night. Any suggestions? Do I need to keep cat warm? I suppose it does need to be a bit warm to "wrap around". Which way should I wrap it - lengthways or sideways - fur side in or out?

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