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How about them bars, then? All worn out at hand level. Can't be much to do in THAT jail.

Dave: "What you get up to today, Shapps?"

Shapps: "Oh, you know, Dave, leant on the bars for a couple of hours. Then leant on them some more."

So it's not just me who'll cop it hard from the "we must do something!" google brigade..

Good point, A1.0. I better add a rider ...

Hate mail to the usual address, please.

PS: Go Dees!

Where is his hand?
Is The Slapper really a puppet?

Or a dummy? Just asking.

"We sentence you twenty years in jail or David Hasselhoff, whichever comes first."

As it is the Hoff, he'll make sure they'll come at the same time...I'm sure of it.

The Hoff is everywhere!

just goes go show, everyone has a boogieboard cover full of hash to carry over there.
lookin at his grin, i reckon they gave him some back...
very pluckin scarey!

No wonder she's been crying so much. Bet it's not what she had in mind when her sis Dae Woo said "you'll be hittin' the bars in Denpasar as soon as we land, eh chook?"

Vis-a-vis punning titles for international drug trafficking stories, I've yet to see "Medicines Sans Frontieres".

http://icsouthlondon.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0200southlondonheadlines/tm_objectid=15523997&method=full&siteid=50100&headline=knight-rider-star-turns-up-at-brixton-pub-name_page.html>Look, Tony. The Hoff was just up the road from here. You could almost smell his leather trousers.

"This is much better than the Jonathan Ross show"

It MUST have been good, then.

I wonder if he's ever considered playing the Chestnut in Tulse Hill.

Tony, have you been to Fremantle?

Not for a couple of years, Shane.

But I would like to know why Freo would say "We're not happy about it but there's nothing we can do so we will just move on."

Far as I'm concerned it's a feather in their cap.

This Hoff image appeared on Rove tonight. Sue that fuckin' midget will ya.


PS: You watch Rove, Russ?

Not generally but you know the original gangsta Ice-T was on.

I actually enjoy watching Rove's woeful interview technique. He has his fifteen questions and he can't seem to naturally follow any conversation threads. He's truly rubbish. His interviewing is almost as bad as his stand-up.

The irony of all this is no-one has any chance of beating him to that Gold Logie in the near future which exemplifies the strength and depth in aussie tv talent.

He was standing behind me in the supermarket queue the other day. Not only is he a talentless hack, but he's a midget, too.

Friendly, though. Bastard!

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