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Speaking of hunting. What happened to Harry Butlers brother? He loved hunting and shot anything that moved.

He's probably still working at Roebourne prison. Trevor, wasn't it? I always enjoyed the irony of him being a fanatical hunter and his brother being a TV naturalist. Although I don't know what Harry's views on hunting were. Maybe he approved. Who knows.

Remember the scene in Dances With Wolves just before the Major commits suicide?

"Sir knight? I've just pissed in my pants. And nobody can do anything about it!"

And the incredibly stupid look on his face as he is saluting? Benny Hill like.

Er… Carry on then.

I hope you had to look up that quote, Big. The alternative is too shocking to contemplate.

The self-promotion, the long yellow hair, the penchant for buckskin- it's Carson Kressley.

I remember that scene like I saw it yesterday, Hung Bunny.

It troubles me to this day.

I'll have my crown now.

Custer shot his own horse through the head ? they didn't show that one in the fillum 'They died with their boots on' with Errol Flynn. A thought for the Melbourne Cup though.

Crazy Horse sent out the call to Sitting Bull and Gall
And the General he don't ride well anymore
Now Custer split his men
well he won't do that again
Cause the General he don't ride well anymore

~ Johnny Cash "Custer"

Bloody. Great. Song.

That guy in Dances With Wolves was Maury Chaykin. He goes alright. He also does a voice on the CD of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. With Harry Dean Stanton and Jim Jarmusch, no less.

He's also in a strange detective TV show called Ner Wolfe.

And. He is in a episode of CSI.

Harry Butler was a wino in an episode of The Rockford Files.

Harry Butler the naturalist? The Rockford Files is a great show.

"You've reached Jim Rockford. I can't come to the phone right now, so please leave a message at the tone."

"I don't talk to machines."

I had to look up Carson Kressley, fashion sauvant, Errol.

Custer/Kressley? I think you're onto something.

"Rockford Files" Great tv. His fee was $200 'plus expenses'. A client accused him of charging too much to which he replied "It's the same rate that plumbers charge.Besides i only investigate cases that are officially closed and their are some nasty people out there who wish they remain closed" Class.

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