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Admirable restraint from obvious popemobile gags acknowledged :) Respect.

Don't count your chickens, Errol; just so you don't think I'm above a cheap gag.

Slick heading. Very subtool.

Nothing but the best here, Paul. Strictly top-shelf. No doubt you can tell from all the classy artwork.

Cheeky looking monkey.

Your brainwashing's working, Tony, I'm beginning to like the guy.
(They like him better than Drew Barrymore)

Bollocks, I was just about to do a Pope Hoffmeister. Oh well, more time with the kids I suppose.

This Hoffmania is starting to spiral out of control. What next? David in swimming togs? Driving a fast black car?

Probably time for an intervention folks.

No need to check his testicles, eh?

No need to check his testicles, eh?

It would make the new

Continued from previous comment interrupted by lack of computer skills:

It would make the new Incredible Popeman comic, as reviewed at www.grods.com, much more interesting if it were "Hoffed" up.

We're all better for the occasional hoffing up.

There is a difference- The Pope was a revered spiritual leader, admired and respected the world over. Meantime Wankhelhoff is/was a fake plastic non performer with no charisma.

See ?

"There is a difference- The Pope was a revered spiritual leader, admired and respected the world over."

Where's the difference?

LOL!! Does he approve of playing with little boys?

Tsk. Tsk. That is very rude, Addy. The Papacy is a respectable position and apparently they are not thinking of appointing Michael Jackson as Pope Grope I. Apparently. Allegedly, even.

Who ? Me ? The Pope ? David Hasselhoff ? Or Jacko ?

Heard about that Pom Jonathan King getting released ? He was into young boys and now he's back out- still in one piece. Where's the justice ?

Who's Jonathan King? Is he a rugby player?

No, think he is a record producer and all round nonce.

Most of the papal candidates seem to be in their late 70's, except one who is a boy of 52. 52 ? What does he know about life ? Barely started shaving and he wants to become the Pope. Kids eh ?

White smoke will be released from the Cistine chapel when the Pope is chosen. Black smoke means the last one was cremated.

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