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* Electrician, patrician, whatever.

Tony you've shattered my illusions. I thought you were a gentle bloke.

I hope you've sent this post to wog blog.


Hey is Blogger down? Does this happen often? Are the Blogger nerds at the pub? I can't post and I've got stuff to say.

Shelly, I AM a gentle bloke. It just so happens I approve of other people's violence; spectatorially speaking, that is. And, it would appear, so do you. Good show.

PS Return: Blogger is often down; it's a crock. The stuff you have to say does, indeed, need to be said and read, so I'd get into Typepad if I were you. I've never had a problem here.

There but for the grace of God goes your wog apprentice.

Or maybe... let the wog apprentice who has not sinned cast the first stone.

Or something like that.

(And why didn't the dopey prick just come back with the, "I was just gonna borrow it" line?)

When other ethnic types would do something stupid he would also say things like "Oh don't worry about HIM, he's just one of those dumb wogs."

I imagine he (the thief) was too startled to go with the standard response. Maybe he had, indeed, shat himself.

If * means "Electrician, patrician, whatever", then "c**t" makes no sense. No wonder he ran off.

Good point, H*ngb*nny.

"Spat chocolate milk at him" a very worthy reposte. But banana flavour milk works better- leaves a nasty foul smellin' stain.

Postin' seems to be a touch slow....is your administrator a wog ??

Very true about banana milk, it stinks. But the colour was the issue.

And, yes, contrary and coincidental to what I wrote above, things seem a touch slow today. Not sure it's Typepad, though.

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