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* "Work it out for yourself."

** hys·ter·i·a (P) n.

1. Hysterical historian.

I did History, but I don't have a womb, therefore I cannot be hysterical.

The Dees on top of the table, THAT'S hysterical!

Hysterical, indeed.


And HA!

I have a big ass.

I would like to reduce the size of my ass.

How many swipes would it take to lose, say, forty pounds off my big ass?

Depends on your fat-to-meat ratio, MB. I suggest you consult an expert in these matters. A butcher, say.

How is this posting like a thong?

Both do a horrid job of covering your ass.

Thank you, Alan. I love you, too.

Hugs, TT

PS: Pity you are right.

Hi Ynot! (How do you pronounce that by the way? Like WhyNot?)

Just reading that hurts me. The prisoner should have been let off and the executioner dismissed!

On a serious note, I am not sure if you saw it, but I saw the video footage of the first civilian beheading in Iraq and it was VERY unpleasant. A head does NOT come off easily.

Why-Not Roll-Yat, indeed, Addy. I always think it rather impolite when people reverse my name and call me Tony.

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