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When Charles I went to the block in 1649 he felt he needed something to keep himself level-headed, so he put into his pocket an orange stuffed with cloves. Wonder what he would have picked if he knew it was going to take 29 chops.

"Hack, hack hack. By the time he's finished, you don't need a spike so much as a toast rack" - Lord Blackadder.

Was there also some line about someone bending over and having his arse-crack used as a toast-rack?

"and ostensibly not because they have no sense of humour"

Care to explain?

Oooooo, Anne. You fell into my cunningly placed Anne-Trap.

Right along with Marcel Marceau from A Silent Movie, those two French clowns from The Alan Partridge Show and this guy.

Law enforcement and due process can be much better administed if practicioners have the right tools- just think how much cleaner and more efficient the process would be if they had one">http://www.killsometime.com/Video/video.asp?video=V8-Chainsaw">one of these? (And how much more fun- no time for knitting though).

Yeah, I saw that a while back, Bicks.

Does it come with the two fat guys?

How does one die of a carbuncle on the shoulder?

I wondered that myself, Grodsy. But I suppose it got infected of some shit. Remember, these are the days when people died of colds and splinters and bad milk.

Jeeezuss. Check out some of these.


My faves would have to be "The Oral, Rectal and Vaginal Pear" and "The Wheel" (both towards the bottom of the page).

The link included here is NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!


Ok, warnings out of the way: That's pretty shocking, Far. But is it as shocking as -- WARNING! ALARM! ADULTS ONLY! DO NOT LOOK AT! -- this link?

I think not.

Hey, can we arrange for David Hasselhoff to be executed in the above manner ? Live on Channel Nein ? Great Sport methinks. Now that WOULD make waves.....

Educational, Far Car. I've never seen the word gyneacophobic before.

Well those two links left a nasty taste in the mouth. I think it's time to raise the tone, with a little class and style here.

Chainel No.56, Nab?

I haven't a clue on what you just said...

p.s. was that meant to be funny?

Oh, right! I get it now. Sorry!! Um, please send me more info on the guillotine! It is soo interesting! e-mail is [email protected]

Thanx heapz!

p.s. and a short bio. on Joseph-Ignace Guillotin

Oh...sorry about the first comment where it says posted by Jess! ! ! Thatz my sis so sorry. I was asking her if i should and she showed me that it would be fine! SO sorry. Um yes that short bio and more info on Dr Joseph-Ignace Guillotin PLEASE!!! I ReALLY NEED IT!! K thanks. whats ur e-mail?!
p.s. I'm 15. I have brown hair and blue eyes and live in Tasmania, Australia

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