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I heard somewhere that Kim Hughes used to do much the same thing when he was batting, i.e. announcing to the field "That was well struck, Kim", "Well played, Kim" and so on.

And, if I never hear that insufferable oaf on the ABC radio coverage again in my lifetime, I will die a happy man. All he ever commented on while he was on air was how he would have the mid on closer in or an extra slip or how the batsman should have played a shot (but didn't) ad nauseum.

I would rather listen to Tony Greig. (Just to prove that I've lost what remained of my mind after Hughes' "expert commentary".)

Tony Greig better?!?

Alert science, someone! Pedro's head just exploded.

I don't think it was a cocky thing, I think he just called his partner through for a run! Well I would say that. In fairness, Clanger Gilchrist has done it a few times too and it's definately been a cocky "yyeeahhhhhhhhh" :)

Fatty Flintoff will be sorted out next year Tony- Old Pigeon and Warnie have too much class to be slapped 'round the Park by that pie eater.

Er.....more worryingly the Dreaded Poms are Yarpie bashing at the moment- could win the 1st test even with only playing ONE first class match before 5 tests. Should we be worried on the Ashes ? Not after what i've just witnessed in Perth we shouldn't.

Listen to Tony Greig ? I'd rather sleep with Rolf Harris.

Will, I reckon Flintoff would say that, too.


Brett, you know I've been saying for ages next year's Ashes will be a tight thing. Australia will have to play very well to win because England, with four good bowlers bowling to a plan and six good batsmen, will put heaps of pressure on us.

Tony Grieg is a dead weight in the Channel Nine commentary box, but Kim Hughes was a disgrace on the radio. This is a man whose defining moment was crying like a baby (after another ignomious defeat) trying to say that that history's most successful cricket team should do things his way. What a joke.

I hope England give Australia a run next year....but when they have 4 bowlers who can bowl to a plan, I will change hope to think.

Strike me down with a feather, but I didn't mind Hughes.

He was better than the two commentators who ...


Jim Maxwell and Glenn Mitchell.

And not as boring as Terry Alderman. At least we were spared Bob Massie.

Tony, if we lose to those bastards i promise i'll emigrate to New Zealand. The coldest & windiest part of it- christ, i'll even swim there from Perth.

Oh, give me Jimmy and Glenn over Hughes any day. His "I'm An Expert" spluttering is getting hard to take.

Hey! Don't get me wrong, I want to win 5/0, but I don't reckon we will. It'll be a tough series and we can't afford any stupid mistakes or batsmen giving away their wickets cheaply.

Luckily for you, Amanda, Hughes won't get another gig this summer. He only does the Perth test. Sadly I'll heve to put up with Maxwell and Mitchell all the way through.

Bring back Kerry.

He'll be there in Sydney and Melbourne, for sure.

Unless you mean Kerry Armstrong. But I'm not sure how she goes in the comm-box.

He could mean senator kerry whatisface from the Yank elections- he's at present at something of a loose end. Why are we inflicted with Hughes ? Poor traveller ?

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