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Latte for the masses, that's all we need. Talk about dumbing down.

Or biking up.

Best cup of coffee I ever had was in Berlin. If the Danes are anything like the Boxheads, they can serve coffee anywhere, anytime far as I'm concerned.

Less cars is good. Biking is good, but I haven't ridden since I was run over by an old lady 15 years ago.

Is biking safe in Melbourne?

The Victorian policies about bikes, cars and the city centre are generally well intended but unfortunately, as the councils and governments change the whole package comes across as haphazard, ill-managed and basically ballsed-up.

I wouldn't bike if you paid me. Plus, I hate cyclists

"I wouldn't bike if you paid me"
Too healthy, Tony? ;)

I'd rather live in a bike-friendly hamlet any day, than a car congested city. I would but ride north north-west when the wind is southerly for a danish and latte.

Tonius: "Madness in boyntons must not unwatch'd go."


Very funny word-boy.

By the way, you know that poll? Well I voted for you like you said.

Good on ya, nob-head. You're not supposed to say that.

PS: I didn't tell him to vote.

Yeah, he's right readers. He didn't tell me to vote. I just like fucking with him.

You're too, too, TOO kind.

errr... guys, copenhagen is frikken TINY. and very well seviced by a number of of potential ringroads. there is only ONE central thru-road, and it's not heavily used. so, there is almost no impact on traffic or local citizens by banning cars. (sorry for any typos -- your CSS is buggering my browser and i can't see whay i'm typing -- justan insertion bar in a blank text field)

I KNOW Copenhagen is tiny, Saltation, that's the whole point.

It's why I'm amazed Copenhagen has more street cafes than Melbourne.

Did you read the article?

Plenty of bikes in Perth Tony. Over here it's safe, healthy and seemingly thousands are doing it- and actively encouraging others to take it up. Funny i'm not one of them- i'd rather climb into the Ute and drive for my regular cream topped frappucino intake. It's not perfect over here but it hits the spot.

What "bikes" you talking about?

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