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At last a game with a bit of fight in it. Now summer has finally arrived.

Via Fermbah Hinde via The Age.

Check out the 5 reasons why graphic.


Not sure about that, SB.

Good work, Ferombah. Good work, Big. Good work, Age.

The first home Test in years that has some emotion and flair.

An old bloke sitting near me had tears in his eyes when Langer made his century.

JL will never be remembered as a stylish or elegant player, but his courage and determination, by God, will NEVER be questioned in the history of the game.

Memorable day.

True enough, Pedro. Right from the start it looked like the Aussies were going to find a bit of strife, and you just knew Langer was the man for the job. Someone to knuckle down and get the job done. A fabulous innings.

I think he must be close to the highest test run scorer this year. A top effort.

Jesus 1
Heathens 0

Yeah Tony,when he went past 41 he became the highest runscorer for 2004

Just looked it the paper, Wicky.

Langer has 1319, Lara 1178 and Crystal Gayle 1135.

Gayle? He's OK, but have the Windies played ten tests against minnows?

England aren't minnows anymore.

Well, I can understand Lara getting tons of runs, but what's Crystal got going for him? Voodoo magic?

Crystal's a fairly gifted bat - but it's all or nothing. He smashed one of ours this summer for 6 4s in an over...pretty awesome to watch.

Sounds like there's a touch of the Virendah Slog about him, Will. Tell me, does he move his feet?

Feet? What are they? It's all eye for Gayle...he often looks kind of clunky and unorthodox, and can play rash shots...but equally he can make it look pretty easy. You should see him bowl - makes Carl Hooper's run-up look like the 1500m marathon

Hmmm, normally I'd say he has a limited future, like I did with Virendah.

However, there are so many easy runs these days, it's possible for technically flawed batsmen to eke out quite a prolific career against hack bowlers and keep his career going.

I'm still expecting Sehwag to fall over, but he keeps defying me, but I won't make the same prediction about Gayle until I've seen him bat.

PS: I tried to comment at your site but couldn't get it done. What gives?

I'd agree Tony yeah - easy runs, and a lack of world-class bowlers. Harmison's the latest in my opinion - watching Lara hop around this year (we played Windies in Jan and again in August) was quite awesome to watch. Until he hit 400!

Comments; I've had to moderate them as some bastard spammer keeps spamming me...have put yours up though, cheers.

Oh and V.Slog - I too keep expecting him to fall flat on his face, but I've given up waiting...man, he can play. Not got the class of Laxman or the mental aptitude of Sachin, but he's got enough of both.

So Tony, you gonna be interested in the Eng v RSA series? (8.5 hours to go)

I'm certainly going to check it out from time to time, Will, but I won't be sitting glued to it. Tests from Yarp Africa always seem to have a dull edge to them.

On the other hand, I really want to see how England go, because I reckon they're a very good show next northern summer. Both New Zealand and Pakistan have operated on a plan to nullify Australia but haven't had the firepower to last the distance, it will be interesting to see if you boys can carry out a tight game plan for the five days and across the series. I tip a close one. Same for Australia in New Zealand, for that matter.

Back to JL - as his stats accumulate (now 5th on the list of all time Australian Test Century scorers ... equal to Mark Waugh off 60-odd fewer Tests) I live in increasing hope that Keith Stackpole will finally put a sock in it.

But I'm not staking my house on it.

Nice comparison, Os. If Mark Waugh had even half the dedication of Langer, he'd have scored 35 tons. And not the 50 or so "beautifully made 40's".

Stacky = bore.

Oh, stop complaining. We had enough guys scoring tons. Mark's "beautifully made 40's" really were something to watch. I miss him, anyway.

Another ton was there in the offing for Lang's, don't know why he lost balance attemting a sweep to try and get it, now he's CLEARLY numero uno in world test cricket. Sachin who ?

Shoaib the pointer bowled some pretty lively stuff to begin with, he looked bloody fast to me sitting relatively side on-in fact he looked very tasty from side on- but then so do the Beer Sheilas- he actually got Haydo's with a beaut, but no send off !! The Paks looked a bit rag bag in their fielding, but mebbe this was down to the LOCAL lad Lang's piercing of the field on a regular basis.

Only problem was could only 'obtain' $40 + tickets for today and tomorrow-getting a bit steep when grog/snack prices seem to rise precipitously every year. Crooks.

Wicky ... RHUBARB!

Funny looking sweep shot, Brett. I think you're confusing it with Ponting.

And I reckon Shooby came close to giving Hayden a mouthful. You could tell he wanted to.

I'd just like to congratulate the Pak 'batters' for limply standing on their creases and handing Pigeon 8 of the easiest wickets he has earned in test cricket. A bloke couldn't even get up for more drinks without another scared rabbit on his way back to the Hutch- at this rate they will be too shellshocked to cross the country- be sure to welcome them.

I'll welcome them with a heart round of indifference.

Tony, the Paks are giving us a run for our dollars over in Melbourne- perhaps they like the climate better over there. They left us amidst dark mutterings over wickets out here.....too quick too hard, they couldn't cope etc etc. Makes my bloody heart weep.They would rather start their tour over in Victoria as they can't cope with bouncy wickets. Get into line i say.

One thing's for sure, Brett, I'm not looking forward to a small chase.

Well, our guys obviously did !!! Shoaib ran out of puff- did'nt look interested. He seems obsessed with trying to bowl at the speed of light and not engaging the brain.

Bring on the next challenge.

Shoaby had to rein it in because they were missing bowlers. Still, he does over-do the SHO-boating.

Kiwis next. WILL NOT be easy.

Kiwis next. WILL NOT be easy.
Please remove one word from the above to make it a believable sentence. Thanks.

Kiwis next. WILL NOT easy.

Who's Will?

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