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I like a few of those.
There are songs in the Court Jester.

Dirty Harry. What a top film.

What no "I am Curious Yellow" ?!

No, not the one about the loyal dog which dies in the end. I know you woulda liked that one.

"I am Curious Yellow", a cause celebre as well as a fillum. (Sadly I missed it, but did catch up with "Carry on Emmannuelle" a few years later.)

AB, there are songs in Quadrophenia, that doesn't make it a musical.

Adam, excellent bad guy in Andy Robinson. Great scene where Clint's standing on the bridge as the yellow bus goes by.

Sedge, speaking of yellow. I am curious. Que?

In tribute (even before you posted - psychic?) I've been watching all the DH movies this weekend. Am right at the end of Sudden Impact now and just about to go into the Dead Pool. Dead Jim Carrey? That makes a film for me.

Sad you don't like "Bull Durham", Tony. It's nowhere near the best film ever made, but certainly not close to the worst either. But then I'm a sucker for baseball fillums: "Field of Dreams", "Eight Men Out", "The Natural", "Cobb" ... ah, bliss.

But what about soccer films? Ahhh ... ummm ... errr ... Escape to Victory? Sly Stone as a goalie.

Regarding the baseball fillums, stay tuned.

By the way, Adam, Jim Carrey's not killed in anywhere near enough films for me. Sudden Impact and Dead Pool are pretty lame though. Sudden Impact has it's moments though.

Tony, there have be NO good soccer films (OK, maybe "Gregory's Girl" ... I've not seen "Bend it like Beckham"), the worst being "Escape to Victory" closely followed by "When Saturday Comes" starring Sean Bean. (Mind you, I may be very biased here. Sean Bean is a Sheffield United supporter and as a Sheffield Wednesday fan myself, he is the sworn enemy. My wife thinks he has a great arse, whereas I think he just is one.)

Vinnie Jones starred in a remake of Burt Reynold's Longest Yard. It was pretty ordinary, but David Hemmings played the coniving warden. He looked sick and it's no surprise he recently "kicked off". Ahem.

Gregory's Girl was pretty good and Bend it Like Beckham was OK, but somewhere about half-way I started with the Fast-Forward action.

By the way, The Longest yard actually WAS called The Mean Machine when it was released here about 30 years ago. Ed Lauter was in it as well. Always loved Ed.

Been watching Fox Classics on pay last week and it had a war movie each nite. Bit of a mixed bag but all generally regarded as ok flicks. I think there was Beach Red, Tobruk, Von Ryan's Express, Patton and The Longest Day. Enjoyed Patton and Von Ryan's Express the most, wasn't too keen on Tobruk however.

Sorry, 'Bend it like Beckham' happened to be some of the worst trite committed to celluloid in recent years. Stupid storyline, inane acting, boring subject matter and appalling storyline. Escape To Victory, while being a good idea, was rather spoiled by the hammy 'performances' of real footy players and the absurd casting of Sylvester Stallone as a goal minder in spite of his shortish stature. Very Forgettable.

I actually preferred the 'sequel' to 'Dirty Harry' where there was a gang of vigilante cops killing 'pimps'and 'drug dealers' with David Soul playing one of the cops !! His main boss on the inside was played by the mayor in the 'Jaws' fillums and was very convincing. The scene where a cop pulls over a pimpmobile and tells him "you made an illegal turning before the bridge" was brill.

You know, Adsy, I first saw Von Ryan's Express on the Sunday night before I started boarding school in February 1973.

Actually, not to wrapped in any of them, I suppose Patton was OK, but the rest were all a bit dodgy.

That's Magnum Force, Brett. Top fillum. The boss was Murray Hamilton whose done fine work in many films and was steller in his appalling sports-coat as the mayor of Amity. You know Murray Hamilton was a Trivial Pursuit question. "Who was the mayor in Jaws?"

Dirty Harry was good, but I can't help thinking it would have been better as a musical.

Then it would have been called Dirty Harriette. Is Tim Rice still working? Don't here much from him these days.

it seems I am finding more and more to disagree with you about. (That sentence looks dodgy to me)
Von Ryan's Express is a cinematic masterpiece.
Or it was twenty five years ago when I saw it on telly.

I really liked American Beauty. The only recent "Hollywood movie" that I've liked that springs to mind.

Pretentious nonsense?

Are you referring to the wah-wah-my-parents-don't-love-me subplot, a la The Breakfast Club?

Otherwise, it was an extremely enjoyable, meandering yarn that was bundle of laffs, twists, shocks, and home truths, with a gut wrenchingly sad ending to boot.

Annette Bening grabbing Kevin Spacey's clothes and sniffing and cuddling them in hysterics. Awesome shit!

I beg you to reconsider.

It must be dodgy, Dirk, I read it twice before I got to the brackets. And disagreement makes a blog zesty.

Begging noted, Big.

You are frankly wrong about Being John Malkovich. I am an expert, I know these things. I continue to be perplexed by the popularity of Blade Runner.

However, you've not only heard of The Black Cat, you've said you like it, therefore you go up a few notches in my opinion, Mr T

I just didn't get BJM, but TBC rocks.

"With that in mind I sat down with a notepad and over the course of Saturday night listed any film that when I first saw it, I just enjoyed it."

Using that criterion and that criterion only (ie. I was very young and impressionable when I saw a few of these flicks, so go easy), I would like to add:

Capricorn One
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
The Big Steal
Jagged Edge
Leaving Las Vegas
Top Secret
Class (1983 version)
The Shining
Full Metal Jacket
American Werewolf in London
It's a Wonderful Life

Six others will probably pop into my mind the moment I hit the Post button.

Oh yeah, and Highlander.

People tell me that Highlander II is the:

Worst. Movie. Evah.

Never seen it myself.

Capricorn One - Tick.
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean - Tick.
The Big Steal - Tick.
Jagged Edge - Not seen it.
Leaving Las Vegas - Cross. Bad fillum.
Top Secret - Tick.
Class - Cross. Awful.
Creepshow - OK.
The Shining - Has it's moments.
Full Metal Jacket - Cross. One of the ones I bagged. See Carry Out Serjeant.
American Werewolf in London - Tick.
It's a Wonderful Life - Tick.

Oh yeah, and Highlander - Tick.

Highlander II - Tick. Yes, it is appalling.

Highlander! Yuck! Christopher Lambert gives a whole new meaning to the word "wooden". And Highlander II is even worse.

I didn't notice "Forrest Gump" in your lists, Tony. That has to be one of the best films of the 1990s ... it certainly is one of my favourites, both when I first saw it and yesterday when I saw it again for what must be the twentieth time.

Really enjoyed it when I saw it, John. Forgot about it when I was listing. I reckon it would fit into the category of "Films I liked when I saw them".

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