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Very nice try Tony, but I'm not buying it.
Actually as I am typing this Kati sitting here beside me is crawling deceitfully over to your corner. She also was not one to predict a Howard win, all the while desperatly wanting one. I guess maybe it's a case of predict the worst and if/when it doesn't happen its a bonus.
By the way, did ya know Susan Davis L O S T ? ? ?

It's my way of "fingers crossed", Patrick.

Susan Davies?!? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Suffer, slime-hag!

Who's this Susan woman your all slagging off in Victoria?

I call it 'putting the mocca' on someone. I tipped Brisbane. Wrong. I tipped the ALP. Wrong. I tipped India- looking pretty shakey.

I really did want Brisbane to win though.

Well, in that case, i'm tipping the Curry bashers to draw level in the next test and then miraculously win the decider. Never happen.

Susan Davies is a bitch faced hag who got far far far too much attention in 1999.

Didn't Susan Davies fail also in 1996- an unsuccessful ALP candidate in the '96 state election ?

She reckons she's a bloody independant woman, dont you know......

Not sure, Brett, but I think you might have something there. That makes her a three time loses. Good. And when she got in, it was at a by-election.

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