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Needless to say, you've eschewed driving to work?

God no! That'd mean catching the Epping Line trains. That's worse. What with the crazy junkies, stench carriages and poor people. Shudder.

Caz gets some of her best writing material off those train lines though....

Caz is a trooper. I think she's on the Hursty Line. That's grim with hippys. Personally, I avoid grubby strangers.

I cant say I blame you. Look at what working on Melbourne's public transport system has done to young Adam...

I'm not sure he still works there. I think he got out before his brain corroded. He's "progressed" to community radio.

The Prosecution Rests, M'Lord.

Indeed. We find The Adam guilty as overcharged.

What the fuck are you people discussing me for? I know I'm great but let's not take it too far.

Just a prime example of the dangers of being over-exposed to Melbourne public transport, Adam.

Don't panic. It's another Adam 1.0. The one who works on the buses.

Wozzies already have anti hoon legislation where the cops have power to confiscate the car for 48 hours if you are doing 40 k over the limit and racing. three strikes and they keep your car.

Of course the bloke doing 180k in a 110 zone didnt have his car confiscated because he was just speeding.The fact he was 37 and not 18 probably helped too

Yeah....it's alway's best to avoid some of these scuzzy lowlife who travel on our superb public transport- once i was accosted by some foul smelling old groghead who placed his disgusting flea infected beard in my face and demanded that i hand him 5 dollars-and he wasn't even a politician.

You're not perchance 37 are you, Embee? Just asking, you understand.

The question is, Brett; did you fork out?

The question is what will the Government do with the cars? Steve "Hot Rod" Bracks? What's the test for a hoon car? A horn that plays Mexican ditties and the obligatory fluffy dice?

The other day somebody told me that it was illegal to have fluffy dice or anything else hanging off your rear view mirror in Victoria. Surely not.

Especially given I was almost run off the road by a couple of cunts in hotted up cars drag racing down St Kilda Road on Saturday night. How come the cops can't catch them (considering they went straight past the fucking massive police complex there) but they'll bust you for going 62 in a 60 zone? Lucky my speedo is fucked and when it says I'm doing 60 I'm actually on 55 or something.

You two are trouble-makers. I can tell.

PS: It IS against the law to have anything in your car that might obscure driver vision. That includes fluffy dice.

No, i wouldn't hand some old fleabag the pickings from my backside mate.

Hi all,

I'm a documentary filmmaker from Perth, Western Australia, doing some research for a film about hoon laws.

Basically this is a chance to give your point of view on hoon laws. Are they good? Bad? Don't effect you? Have changed your life?

I'm looking for people that might

1) Consider themselves hoons
2) Have been labelled (fairly or unfairly) as a hoon
3) Feel they have been targeted (fairly or unfairly) as the result of hoon laws.
4) Are passionate about their cars!!!

If you have an interesting, funny, terrible story I'd like to hear it. If you love your car, and want to talk about it, even better! I'd love to see pictures of cars, descriptions of what you've done for them and with them, and what they mean to you.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from people in Kalgoorlie, WA, or can talk about that area, as hoon laws are quite new there.

At this stage it's just an idea and hopefully will become a program aired on national and possibly international TV. It will be shaped by the people who participate in it.

As for me... I grew up in an area where people loved their cars and would devote themselves completely to working on them, so when I heard about these laws I wondered how it could impact on peoples' lives.

I'll keep an eye on this forum to see if there are any responses.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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