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F***ing A, Tony. I wish I'd been there - or that they'd come to WA. You're right about the Stones, too, though when I saw them in the 1980s they were going through the motions then, as well. Fact is, they've been living on memories since the mid-1970s I feel, and if we're honest, have sucked big time ever since Angie. The Who, though, well, that's a whole nother thing ... the greatest rock and roll band in the entire fucking universe!

Interesting, Tony. I saw both bands during their most recent US tours... and had the opposite experience. The Stones were on and much better than the tour 3 yrs earlier. The (almost) Who were pathetic, board, and going thru the motions. Go figure.

>>>PS: Wise cracks about Pete's recent problems will not be appreciated.

Well I'm fresh outa ideas then.


The bastards didn't play brisbane- we pathetic provincials don't rate anymore. I saw them in London years ago (live Aid, I vaguely recall) and they blasted everyone.
I've got the live at Albert Hall dvd, and the old sods still seem to have it- just got a burned US version of Kids are Alright which I haven't viewed yet- need the place to myself to crank the cerwin vegas and give it justice. Still one of my favourite bands of all time- good review.

You have never heard Start Me Up until you've heard The Folksmen's version ...

To be perfectly honset, John, I've NEVER like Angie. And I like plenty of stuff of Some Girls and Black and Blue. I just wish they'd get out of stadiums (stadia?) and get serious. Or perhaps they just don't have what it takes anymore?

Rob, is that the one where Entwhistle died? And I can imagine them going through the motions after listening to the appalling Who's Last double live LP. What a shocker!

Nice work, Big. That's got a touch of the "I'm not allowed to comment, so I make ABSOLUTELY no comment."

Bicks, so guy and yelled out during a song break, "Why didn't cha fuckin' play Brisbane?" The Kids Are Alright is the BEST EVER rockumentary.

You're right, Amanda, I've never heard of Start Me Up by The Folksmen. I've also never heard of The Folksmen.

Yea, Tony, that was the one. Maybe Entwhistle croaking had some effect because they were awful during that tour.

By contrast, the Stones seemed really sharp, and enjoying themselves. Seems to me that one of the problems these days is that these mega-tours go on for 2 yrs at a pop covering the globe. (This world tour is now in month 22 and I saw them in their 2nd stop.) And I'd bet that after a certain point, they just show up, play, and collect the check. Let's face it, the Stones make no money off anything they have recorded in the past 15+ yrs. It's all licensing, royalties from really old stuff, and concert gigs.

>>>Nice work, Big. That's got a touch of the "I'm not allowed to comment, so I make ABSOLUTELY no comment.

No comment.

I just wish they'd get down to business and rock out all proper like. Enough with the la dee da personas. Time to punch on.

Still workin' beautifully, Big.

Bit harsh Tony.

What I *could * have said was, "well I’m not allowed to make any wise cracks so I won’t mention the fact that Pete [insert wisecrack here]."

But because I’m such a top fella I didn’t.

Shoot, I didn’t even mention it in my hypothetical example above!


The Who DO last just like most don't, I find. Driving home from buying X-Box games this very day, the loinfruit (9 and 12) and I sat silently through a host of perfectly presentable sixties toons before spontaneously bursting into song when 'Dogs' came on.

That said, for sheer rocking-out, I find it hard to believe the tragically late, supremely great, Rory Gallagher and that thumping outfit of his needed bow to anyone. 100%.

I wasn't being sarcastic, Big. Well, maybe a little bit. I thought your poke at the issue combined with a little side-step / dummy-sell combo was rather well done.

Rob. Which game did the loiners buy for you? Yes, that's right. You can't fool me. I know who the game was REALLY for.

You know something? I never heard of (not that I can remember) a Who song called Dogs so I googled it. What album's it off? I suppose it's a single, but it's not on Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy. So is it on some latter compilation?

And I'm impressed your young'un'sters knew it.

I used to be a big RG fan. However, my buying his first six or so albums by about 1980 coincided with him disappearing off the scene. Big piss-head in the end. Sad that. The guy could play. I've got his Taste stuff too. And my brother's got all the original release LPs.


The first time we met you were a kennel maid,
You gave me a tip I got my fore cards paid
You were holding a greyhound in trap number one,
Your white coat was shining in the afternoon sun.

Now we're both together,
We're never gonna break apart, no no,
'Cause we're a happy couple you and me,
With a greyhound at either knee.

I'll have ten shillings to win on Camera Flash, young man,
What dog's that, it's a deuce, look at it.

There was nothing in my life bigger than beer,
There was nothing in my life bigger than beer,
'Ceptin' you, little darling,
'Ceptin' you, little darling,
We're a happy couple you and me,
With a greyhound at either knee.

We go to the dog track on Saturday night,
We put all our money on a dog that we like,
a kiss in a car door and off we ride
take all our tickets and a starry sky

There was nothing in my life bigger than beer,
There was nothing in my life bigger than beer,
'Ceptin' you, little darling,
'Ceptin' you, little darling,
We're a happy couple you and me,
With a baby on either knee.

Yes it's you little darling,
Yes it's you little darling,
Now it's you little darling,
Now it's you.

Girl, where's me wage packet?????,
Ah I'll put twenty-five knicker please on Gallop Printer,
Oh, I hope the wife don't find out,
Yes, it's sure to win, isn't it,
Yes, I know, it's a good dog, I saw it run at White City,
Just last week, broke the record, Gallop Printer,
Nice dog, yes, lovely form, lovely buttocks.

No mystery in the kids knowing 'Dogs', Tone. I used to be a great one for making party tapes back when the cassette transformed the world, and took the art so far as to fashion tapes for the inevitable moment when those lads who missed out at the party were left alone in the company of their fellow beta-males. Having much experience of being among their number, I realised the great need would be for air-guitar epics and anthems that would sound good under the strain of loud but spectacularly poor choiring. 'Eloise' and 'Dogs' were always the singalong anthems, and it is through those tapes my lads would later introduce themselves to music. Dogs was released as a single in Britain around '68 or '69 (mustabeen, as I'm sure John Peel gave it a spin while I was shortwaving for the latest on Apollo Eleven) , and can still be had on '30 Years of Maximum R&B'.

Indeed must be had.

Thanks Rob. Consider '30 Years of Maximum R&B' ordered.

In the meantime ...


Oh. And a few of my big time boozy sing-a-long numbers would be Let It Loose by The Stones, American Trilogy by Elvis, Long Journey by Michael Hurley and Rock and Roll by The Velvet Underground.

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