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Just a few questions...

Who drinks Toohey's anyway? Put it back in the horse, I say. And it would have to be a guy named "Harold Mitchell" to think the TXU ad's are good...

My faves are the Sterling ads, especially the guy at the footy with the pies... classic.


(not a chuckle)

That Mary Delahunty's a real sport, 'aint she?
Must have been in charge of comedy at the ABC- the Glass House looks like her work.

And BTW, Beckie, if you don't want pissheads leering at you, bar work may not be the best choice.

This country gets stupider by the minute.

I like to ask men with big man-boobies for 5 Cougars. THey don't appreciate it, funnily enough.

Toohey's - horrible.

Sounds like you're opening a Cougar there, B.

Funny job for the sensitive, Bicks.

I though fat men were jolly, Caz. So much for stereotypes.

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