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Im not really a cricket fan. Ok, Ive watched Cricket. The noise of cricket is a very familiar in the summer months. However, that said, I really just wanted to say that Im impressed with how much you have to say about it.."after grog" ;)

It seems like the people who contribute to this blog Jinky are the only ones who talk any sense about this issue. The above article just goes to show what a massive waste of time these whole testing shenanigans (I love that word!) have been. They probably got together over a few beers or Dilmah's in Murali's case and said "Ok, just roll your arm over and if its ok we can come out and say there's no more to be said. If there's a problem however, just leave it to us, we'll say something about the rules being wrong or something like that... you'll have nothing to worry about mate..."

On previous posts everyone here has said how much of a waste of time this is, and now the findings have shown it. EVEN NOW HE'S BEEN SHOWN TO BE A CHEATING LITTLE CHUCKER. If the ICC had any sort of guts, they would say to Murali to not bowl it anymore, and the first time you do, your out...finished... no more... gone.

Better still, give the power back to the umpires and if they see him bowl one... no-ball him. Everytime he attempts it, no-ball him. That will soon stop him. If Sri Lanka kicks up a stink, tell them to look at the rules. He chucks it gents... quoteth the Raven.... nevermore (or something to that effect)

The report is out, but I haven't seen anything out from the ICC on the issue as yet. Maybe I'm blind but have they said anything? I'm guessing the situation will be monitored by the ICC and they will let him bowl it until he gets past Walsh's record and deal with it after that. Gutless wonders...

There's lots to talk about, Jinkster.

"Shenenigans", a top word indeed, Ads. Like rumpus. And yep. No doubt about it, get the umps involved again. AND use cameras at the grounds. HAY. DEN. KAN. DY.

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