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I'm laughing so hard, i am almost crying.

I really am sorry

Hey Tone, I was away. What was the final score in the Beatles poll?

Ooops, that has nothing to do with the post ... err ...um ... sorry (choke).

Essendon manage a total campaign, not just a game by game season.

One of the points of Hird's attack on McLanren was to sow a seed of caution in the mind of the umpiring fraternity. It will pay off for Essendon at a future time of crisis, when in a moment of hesitation, remembering the pain Hird and the Essendon machine inflicted on McLaren, another umpire (maybe even McLaren himself) will hesitate for that crucial moment and then decline to penalise an Essendon infraction.

$20,000 is a good investment to buy a big let-off like that.

And they did the same to the tribunal. Not only did it win a game against the Eagles when Lloyd got off his conviction and kicked 8 straight, it sowed another seed of doubt in the umpires' minds when reporting Lloyd. He's such a PRETTY man, who could think he would do anything nasty? When he dresses up, the girls melt and grown men dream of their long-lost youth, no-one would take the side of a geek umpire or a faceless tribunal.

Lloyd, like most forwards, takes too much crunch when the backmen accidentally-on-purpose fall into them with knees in the back (I've played Centre Half Forward for the mighty Denmark Magpies, believe me, I know how that feels) so I respect the fact that he gets pretty pissed off from time to time, but that still doesn't mean he can jump up and do the umpire's or the tribunal's job and lay one on the backman. Now he has more leeway to do just that, because the ump will think "why bother reporting this bloke, even if he gets suspended, the media circus will crank up and an appeal will succeed".

The AFL as theatre.

Chris, here's the Beatles result....


Pretty fair summation, Os. I see Essendon got a VERY good run from the umpires when the third-quarter heat was on last Friday night against Scumton.

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