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I had to do an obligatory search on Statsguru, and was surprised by a few titbits.

He got his 375 in only his 26th innings. I had forgotten how early it was in his career. His previous two centuries were biguns, too (277 and 167).

At the equivalent time in his career, Steve Waugh was averaging a miserable 29.81 with a top score of 79 not out.

Lara also went thru a Justin Langer-esque form slump in the middle of his career, where he averaged only 37.54 in 51 innings!

I’m guessing that was about the time when Malcolm Marshal (RIP) was coach and he seemed to be having “problems” making training sessions on time, et al.

(Ahh, the price of fame and having an extremely hot Aussie girlfriend!)

Cut and paste this to go straight to his career stats:


With everything else that has gone on with Lara's career and West Indian cricket at the same time, it has been easy to forget just what a magnificent batsman Lara is. He is one of the very best of all time. It's good that we have been reminded.

Lara is not as inconsistent as you sometimes think, either. Almost 10000 runs, an average of nearly 54, 25 centuries, et cetera. He is statistically better than Vivian Richards in every way (more runs, more runs per test, higher average, more centuries, higher scores). Against Tendulkar it is more mixed but Lara (Tendulkar has a higher average (almost 58) and more centuries, but Lara has scored more runs (9675 versus 9470) despite having played fewer matches (106 against 114). Lara has an ability to make really big scores that Tendulkar seems to lack, and in my mind Lara has more of an ability to rise to the occasion than Tendulkar does.

Yeah Tony - imagine him as part of the early eighties Windies team !
I'm not sure how quickly that record will be broken - remember it was set against England - just as Hayden's was against Zim!

Agree across the board, boys.

Big, in that 277, was Lara run out? I seem to remember he was, and that if he hadn't been he would have got the record then. He wasn't in a hurry to get out.

Michael, Sachin has a brilliant technique, but I'd rather watch Lara bat. And you're right about his surreptitious -- for want of a better word -- accumulation of runs. Although you wouldn't readily note it, he's been up in the top scorers for the past few years without getting all that much kudos across the board, only from the hard core cricket fans. And the West Indians, of course.

Jim, not 100% sure I agree. If the trend in bowling continues, it will get easier to bat for the next few years, not harder. Expect a few more triple tons to approach Lara. Sooner, rather than later.

But there's no doubt Lara would have had more opportunities to score big in a better line-up. Then again. Maybe he takes it upon himself to make big scores in a shit side. A la Alan Border.

Considering the result in this Test, it was nothing more than self indulgent bullshit from a complete wanker.

The Poms couldn't even get the Dead Rubber Syndrome correct. They'll never be a threat until they get that right.

Never the less, Lara may be a nut case, but he's a brilliant bat.

Agree with Burty - absolute waste of time. Lara could've declared overnight when he was 313 no and maybe the Windies might've won a game, which, despite it being a dead rubber, is surely very important for their battered confidence and young bowlers.

Cricket is still a team game, with records like this only really worth it if they are achieved within the bounds of that team effort. I really don't think this one was .... what the Windies wouldn't have given for a few more hours at the Pommy bats - I can see them collapsing from 5 down to all out very quickly.

Lara - bad captain, v good batsman.

Chris, he's no doubt a crap skipper, and probably a shocking bloke, but he's still a brilliant bat.

Still, it's interesting Tubby Taylor declared on 334 whereas Lara batted on for the record. Speaks volumes, I reckon.

this opinion piece might be worth yer click...

Thanks heaps, Nardo. In the spirit of cheap copy, I might just use that. Nice one.

Why all the bile boys? Lara came along when W.I cricket is at its lowest. If towards the end of his career he manages to help rebuild a winning team he'll be seen as a genius, otherwise there will never be any true yardstick to measure his captaincy.

Some may say that he is selfish, but closer examination of his carreer one would see that he is a bit of a Messiah who has always sacrificed himself on the altar of W.I Cricket. To us West Indians, it is not merly Cricket but Religion. I do admit that to some Australians he may seem to be selfish. However that is looking at things though a different culture and system of values. We in the Caribbean are mostly the decendants of slaves. Most of us are poor. We live on small independant isalands. Yet we are not really independent as we have virtually no say in today's world of global politics. We are marginalized and bicker and fight among ourselves. Because Cricket today has become so scientific we may never have the resources to produce a winning team as in the past. The WICB has limited options for raising money and just this weekend lost millions of dollars in the two one day internationals that were rained out in Trinidad. So fate is against us...and when things seem impossible there is Brian Lara...the Messiah. To those of you who don't believe or understand you don't have to bow- just show a little respect.


He can bat, Emery. And he can lead by example, but I think Messiah may be going a bit far. Even though Shane Warne DOES like him a lot.

Because of his imaturity at the time W.I cricket first fell apart he has panniced and made some wrong decisions. But he always was driven by the right instincts. Because of his passion and belief in fair play, he could not understand how players who where supposed to be the exemplars like Steve Waugh and Ian Healy could so blantantly cheat and be allowed get away with it. If he was given justice by the umpires of the world toady his average would have been closer to 60. In almost every series he has been given out unfairly at least twice. I call him the Messiah not because of any ability that he may have, but the fact that he does so well in spite of the apparent conspiricy by so many, on an off the field of play, to deny him his fair due. One has to ask oneself what is it that they really fear? Steve Waugh and Healy cheated him out, Mark Taylor said that his World Record of 375 was not worth breaking, and now Ponting has joined these ignoble tendencies. It goes on and on. Even here in the Caribbean as a yougster he was kept out of the team for so long for no apparent reason. When he was finally cosen it was as 12th man. A few days afterwards his father, his main inspiration died, without ever seeing him play for the W.I. Some may say that I go far but somebody has to say it sooner or later.


I still reckon you go too far. In the face of your "conspiracy" he behaves how a test cricketer is supposed to behave.

I can't say what goes on off the field, but the reports aren't good.

With that in mind, you've gotta ask, if everyone's got something against him, why? And the flip side, if everyone doesn't, what's this conspiracy?

I still reckon Messiah goes too far. Never the less, sport IS the true home of exaggeration.

Everone knows subconciously that he is 'The Man'. The conspiracy is not a real one. It is not done conciously, at least I hope so. Imagine that a few famous former W.I cricketers were among the Wisden panel which chose the 50 top cricketers of the 20 th century. Of course the Australins chose Australians, and the English chose Englishmen. Not one West Indian chose Lara. As for his behavior off the field, he is a saint when compared with Sobers and Richards! So why has Lara this bad reputation? Here is a little quiz for you.. Who is that was driving when Camie Smith was killed? Who is it, whenever he comes to Trinidad usually finds himself in the roughest region of Port-of-Spain in order to locate a special kind of cigarette from his faithful supplier? So it goes very deep! It boils down to the fact that a lot of the things he is reported to have said in the Kenyan dressing room after the World Cup defeat were in fact true. As I said before Lara has all the right instincts. He may do something wrong but he does it for the right reasons! His passion, the very thing that has made him exceptional, is also his downfall.

Yowzah! Sounds like you've got some hot goss there, Emery.

Who WAS driving when CS was killed? Sobers?

Who IS it who buys fat cigarettes in P-o-S? Viv?

What DID Lara say in the Kenyan dressing-room?

Have you heard this story?


Click on "Act Together".

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