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Gee, he's game coming out saying things like that. Not that there's anything wrong with speaking the truth, but it's just not cricket. I fear he'll be slapped down for his honesty.

Meanwhile, what is with this quote?
"Because of these leaks, public perception would be that our findings were about accommodating Murali. But that's not the case. There are many finger spinners straightening (their arms) more than five degrees, not just Murali . "

I think Mr. Elliot shouldn't leave us wondering like this. Come on, sir, name some names! Who are the guilty men?

I just assumed everyone read After Grog Blog. Period.

Don't worry about Wisden, if anyone wants the learneded (the right way to spell it looked a bit suss to me) view on any subject, this is the spot....

Like it is in football, anyone with an opinion that is contradictory to the 'line' taken by officialdom in cricket circles is either looked on as a loose cannon, plain wrong or at worst... "racist" Anyone with a vague interest in cricket would view Ponting's comments and say "Well he does have a point" but its the more esteemed people in high places and who can get onto the media who come across with the ultra-conservative views and condemn him for speaking his mind, and more importantly, the minds of the bloggers here at AGB...

Bravo laaaadies n genmen...

How about Harby, Scott? His action's decidedly dodgy.

Cheques are in the mail, Mike & Ads.

PS: It's "learnted". I teach, I know.

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