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Shame on you Tony ... you shouldn't take pleasure from this, whether you like the bloke or not. It's a pity he's injured, and I'd say that even if he didn't play for my team, because like all good players, he's an ornament to the game.

Yes, Os, I agree. He's a super player. And an ornament to headlines.

Geez, why did I bother? Moralising to a Victorian ... moral free zone :-)
I readily concede that outside the game he's not so ornamental. I understand he's a bitofalad and pops the odd bit of gear.
The bride and I are in Melbourne 16 - 20 June ... do you fancy a sherbet somewhere sometime? (I'll buy you a lemonade, you poor creature)
It's a pity I fly out 6.40 sunday, Dees v Dons at the G would have been good. Tigers v Blues satdy, pass; Saints v Hawks Dome fridy night might be the go.

Aww. Poor Mike. Now Ben Cousins will only be able to give his sunken monkey face a kiss while in the hot tub at home, instead of during the games.

1 May, 5.40pm,Subiaco Oval ... the only ones getting a bath with be the Dockers, Sam; and the Mukinbudin Mauler will step effortlessly into the huge boots vacated by Gardiner.

I'm here Os. And I'm there. And I hope the Derrrrr-bee's a bloodbath.

After the weekend, I think I might have been a bit rash with the bath thing.

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