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Tigers mauled Tony? Very impressive- you were too tough for them obviously. You had been saying that the Tiges were in bad shape but i'm still surprised at this result.

Daniher blasted some of your guys last out, complaining of no leadership- but Neitz did the biz. Actually i'm not sure about his merits as a skip though. I'm surprised that Richardson was shut out, who kept him quiet- Nicholson or Bizzell?

Frawley is hopping mad- accusing his blokes of showing no passion or intensity. mebbe he was just outfought and outplayed.

Thats what the bastards get for beating Collingwood last week.

Richmond were crap. Go the 'mons.

Brett, both Nicho and Biz did the biz on Richo.

Patrick, Collingwood must have been extrememly awful last week.

"Patrick, Collingwood must have been extrememly awful last week."
Ay, tis true tis true :(

As a Richmond supporter (and walking into Melbourne territory on this blog this morning, I say well done Demons) I'm more worried about Greg Stafford's comments on Before the Game on Saturday night, which went something along the lines of "I could see in warm-ups we weren't switched on".

How a team cannot be switched on for a meaningful round 2 match up I don't know. If you're 4 and 16 I could understand not being quite switched on for a meaningless round 21 game against ... well, Brisbane or something, but round 2 - I don't know.

And while Neitz may have kicked nine goals, the best guy on ground was running around wearing Garry Lyon's old number - he's a classy and a very smart player, Clint Bizzell.

Patrick, I wouldn't worry about the Pies. Malthouse coaches solid footy. They'll be there-abouts come September. Don't think they'll win the flag, mind you, they lack a cutting edge, but they'll win their fair share of games.

Chris, Melbourne were a lot better than last week, but just as importantly, Richmond were bloody awful. I rank them and to a lesser extent, the Hawks as teams that can play a good game if things go right, but dont have the right style of footy to win tough games. Neither have a robust system.

And I agree about tyhe Biz. I was in Darwin when the draft was on in 2001 and I couldn't have been happier when we picked him up. He's probably been our best/most consistent player over the last two and a bit seasons. Thanks Cats.

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