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What surprises me most re the plagirism thing is the fact that the Australian media and reporters seem so aghast that pollies (from both sides) actually don't have any ideas of their own, and just wander off and grab others thoughts without proper sourcing.

I can see it now: "Oh my god, he didn't think of that himself?!? How shocking, how horrible .... (cue fake moral outrage here)."

The proper response should be "He didn't think of that himself?!!? How predictable - I wonder why he's gotten this far without us noticing before and shooting him down in flames?"

Maybe that's because the pundits in Canberra ain't doing their job. Or maybe its because the public doesn't expect anything better from its pollies....

All part of an Election year T.T.

It will get grubbier. Especially when the Greens come to the fore where preferences are concerned. Watch the Conservatives turn up the gears on the panicmobile.

Although you said not to answer, I must. Latham thinks we are all dickheads. He seems to assume that no one but him can use the Internet among other things. As time goes by his chances of winning the election are more and more remote. All because he thinks he is better, smarter more knowledgeable than the people he aspires to represent.
As you may have noticed I am not much of a socialiser, but in my very small social circle it has been gratifying to notice the changing attitudes towards Latham.
First they all loved him and I was the butt of "your little Johnnie's gone now" type comments, now they are openly against Latham for the most part. Not pro John mind you, but not happy with Latham either.
My minuscule litmus test has him on a downward spiral.
PS: See ya in Latrobe with your "I hate Davis" banner. :)

Just noticed this in the very darkest reaches of the Internetophone and thought I'd check in to see how well you scored ...

Brunswick Branch Trivia Night.
Raising funds for Susan Davies (Federal Labor Candidate for La Trobe and the Moreland Council Elections 2004

Where: West Brunswick Tennis Club
425 Victoria Street, Brunswick

When: This Saturday Night (17th April), 7PM

Cost: $15 for ALP Club members, $18 Concession, $20 Full

The real shame is before he became the latest media suckhole he sounded promising - he's seemed to genuinely resist the leftist politician malady of preaching rather than delivering.
The strategy appears to be to reverse the drift of the hard left to the Greens first and then try to win the commonsense middle. Except the two groups can't co-habit successfully for any meaningful period of time. This is Labor's problem - they're still determined to be all thing to all people rather than accepting that the political ground has shifted (permanently??).They either have to make a fundamental shift as well - like Hawke - or continue to lose.
I agree with Patrick, Latham thinks we're all stupid and treats us accordingly. The only way you can get away with that tactic is when there is no credible opposition. Hence Beattie's success in Queensland.

Hmmm see Tony?

THIS is why i dont pay any attention to politics!

"Can't believe it even gets a run." ... I can't believe [either] even gets a run. Of course the whole silly issue will be cooking red hot in a couple of week's time. Not!

"Can't believe it even gets a run." ...let alone punters putting their hard earned on such a tired nag.

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