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Beats me how this woman got paid for the interview. How does one provide proof of having sex with old Becks?

I'm a bit short this week, so i think i'll call the Herald Sun and tell them i had sex with somebody famous. Make a few bucks or is that becks.

That sure looks like the cut of THIS tart's jib, D.

On second thoughts, I suppose this scam works for blokes. Got any skanks you want dragged down? You name, I scream.

well Tony,

now that you mention it. There are a few.

Where should i begin?

I think I know where.

then start man!

What are you waiting for. There is money to be made here!

And I'll be the friend that rides on your coat-tails on the firey comet known as "15 minutes of fame" by being the unnamed source so often quoted by the media, hereby known as A.Friend....

Hmm isnt that A close friend Adsy?

Getcha own story, i aint sharing!


There's room for all on this here money train.

Alllll ABOARD!

Yeah, forgot the Middle name, A.C Friend it is then. I just thought I could sneak in there under everyones guard and get just a little!

Would be a good story to use when chatting someone up though... "Oh, you know how they quoted the friend in the paper today saying about so and so... well thats me!!"

On to a sure fire winner there... people always like to get on the coat-tails of someone who is on the coat-tails of someone who is trying to get onto the coat-tails of someone famous!!!

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Thank you.

Now, fuck off.

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You're talking rubbish, Urqy.

And you - Driser. Just shut up.

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