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No one's talking about Phil Matera being buried just 20 seconds before, right in front, and the Ump calling play on. Even Gerard Healey nearly swallowed his false teeth, which is saying something for a welded-on Vic. If the umps put the whistle away in the last 5 minutes, it cuts both ways.

But the ump hasn't come out and said the one with Matera was a blatently wrong decision, and in looking at it again it was maybe there, but a lot less blatent than the Koops free.

I just find it offensive that the umps put the whistle away at all in the last few minutes. If a free is there, pay it, no matter at what stage of the game it is.

While supporters might go apeshit in the heat of the game, in the cold hard light of day, they'll realise the right decision was made if it was a legitimate free, even if it affects the outcome of the game.

On a slightly related point, I was disgusted with the umpiring overall on the weekend, and at the Richmond Collingwood game particularly. Jade Rawlings, Kent Kingsley and Matty Lloyd get justified free kicks for getting touched in the back or jostled illegally - Richardson has three Collingwood guys hanging off him most of the night and gets zip - no wonder he complains at the umps!

I guess I shouldn't complain though - the Tiges did actually win .

Chris, I reckon there hasn't been an admission that the Matera incident was a mistake because the Melbourne push hasn't being baying for blood about it. Matera gets crunched all day long with backmen tripping up behind him and falling all over him and Doggy fans think it's acceptable - Koops gets his jumper tugged and there's practically a Royal Commission.
I agree with you ... they should keep blowing the frees what ever the stage of the game. One consequence of the whistle going into the back pocket is that the players get frustrated and the infringements get more and more blatant. The umps have then landed themselves in an invidious position. Do they call a halt and award a free when others have been let go, or do they let the seriousness of the infringements keep escalating?
Exact same thing with Murali ... they gave him an inch and he took an ell.

I was robbed out of a hot tip by Essendon being the most incompetant round one side in recent years.

Good point os, you're swinging me around on this one (re Matera) ... maybe it is the Melbourne media banging the drum.

And yep, that's the problem when the whistles stop being blown, not only do the missed frees become more blatent ("now I can get away with this ..." says the player) but the acting for frees does too, meaning the ump is more likely to pick out a touchy one because of an acting job by a player.

Yes. Very well put, os.

Like to see what would have happened if the game was at Colonial but the situation was reversed.

...Is that crickets I hear chirping?

Os, I don't agree Cheater Matera's incident was anywhere near as conclusive as the "Great Wirrpunda Koops Incident of Ort Four". That latter one was a dead set obvious free as opposed to an interpretation one. And like Chris say's, the umpy admitted he got it wrong.

As an impoartial fan, it was one of those where you immediately pull a breath and shout "HOLDING!" The Coasters definitely dodged a bullet.

Anyway, my emphasis was on the umpy admission, not so much on the Bullies getting stiffed.

Big, if it was the other way, Matera would have gotten a free. And then another after the goal was signalled. Just to rub it in.

Overall though, I don't give a toss -- except for the lost tip -- because over the last dozen years the Bullies have had a dream dream dream run from the maggots. Hope they're hurting. Three years in a row they got more than thirty compared to under ten for Melbourne. The worm's turned. Good.

Adam ... mate ... dude ... why'd you tip Essington?


I notice that Brett Mongomery has been fined $2000 ( he'll really have to dig deep for that ) for making comments on Essendon's Ramanauskas and his cancer battle in sunday's game. How much lower can you get? In the heat of a game, punch ups settle most things- christ, have a ruck man to man, but to resort to THAT is pretty damn low. Very undignified indeed.

I'm looking forward to giving this moron some well deserved verbals on saturday and grinding 'em into the dust along with it.

Graham Cornes was just interviewed on the radio. According to him it was funny. Of course, everything Cornes has ever says needs to be ignored. Career fathead.

Thought Montgomery (no honourifics - in the journo game that denotes a criminal or one of lesser standing than most of society, which seems to fit the bill here) should've been fined $20,000.

Come on AFL, be serious. If this is the short of senseless, tasteless and heartless shit that players can dole out on the field and then get that tiny slap on the wrist for, its a joke.

What Montgomery (an ex-Bulldog, interestingly) said is about as low as you can go. Yes, he apologised, but who gives a rats .... he shouldn't have said it in the first place. Make him hurt in the only area he knows (he has no heart and no brain) - the hip pocket.

And as for Cornes (no honourific), I can hear the air whistling through between his ears now.

I still hold fond memories of the sign in the crowd at Footbrawl Park when he was in his last year of coaching the Crows and Richmond went over there and belted the bejesus out of them - this happened about the same time poor Escobar the Coloumbian soccer player had been killed by drug lords after he kicked an own goal in the World Cup, thus costing them money they had wagered on the game.

The sign went something along the lines of "Send Cornes to Colombia" ... a thing of beauty.

"no honourifics - in the journo game that denotes a criminal or one of lesser standing than most of society"

I thought he was supposed to be referred to as Brett "Middle Names" Montgomery. As in Christopher Dale Flannery, Paul Charles Denyer, Mark Brandon Reed, etc. Or is that saved for the truly unsavoury. Or nicknames, Billy "The Texan" Longley?

I'm somewhere between Patrick Smith's "Who are the AFL to tell Ramanauskas how insulted he should be?" And Kevin Bartlett's "He should be suspended".

The prior lends itself to pressuring the player into accepting an apology, and the latter smacks of PC Big Brother.

Must be late 1994. Escobar was killed not long after after the 94 World Cup, and Robert Shaw took over in 1995. I think he coached the Cows in 1995 and 1996.

As for Cornes, most of what he says is tinged with SA bias. And all of it is stupid.

>>>Who are the AFL to tell Ramanauskas how insulted he should be?


Peter Bell, Dockers captain, doesn't know who his father is. (It seems likely that he was a US soldier.) He was adopted from Korea.

Anyway, my point:

Libber once gave Peter Bell an on field sledging about being a fatherless bastard, or some such lovely comment. Pretty low, huh?

And Peter Bell didn't let it get to him at all. In fact, I saw him recall that story on TV with a smile on his face.

“There is no right or wrong but thinking makes it so.”

More sour Acorns at:-

Cornes in the past has always gone on about how he hates Port Adelaide. I do'nt pay much attention to any of his rantings.

Libber was a pig, Big.

Cornes is a fool, Brett.

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