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Having owned a copy of the brill fillum Easy Rider, i watched 'Hired Hand' when it was screened on some satellite channel, wanting to see what direction Peter Fonda's career had taken after the aforementioned fillum.

I expected a sort of Western 'Easy Rider' ( without Dennis Hopper ), there was definitely great potential to make the film rivetting, but Fond's direction seemed a tad pretentious- i'm still unsure wether i loved or hated it!! But...it's certainly interesting, and with Fonda involved it's NOT mainstream, which is a good thing. The plot rambles on a bit but Fonda and Oates seemed to enjoy their roles hugely.

Perhaps the film looked better when initialy released- it is certainly visually superb, with rich and roughewn textures of the Yank West....it's a film i cannot really categorize.

I do'nt think Fonda has actually directed anything else, i'm sure he produced 'Easy Rider', unless he went into directing TV garbage.

First off, Brett, when I look back at Easy Rider I see a pretty damn appalling fillum. That doesn't mean I didn't like it way back when, but that I think it hasn't held up well at all.

On The Hired Hand, I reckon your comments are round about the "pretty spot on" region.

Fonda is pretentious and I think that's how he tapped into the sixties counter culture.

The plot is a trifle rambling, but I think that may be the intention, although given the time and place, there was a degree of ramblage in all the pop culture films of the time. Watch Zabriske Point and cringe. Not saying THH was PC, but that that's where Fonda comes from so there was bound to be a hint of it in THH.

The film certainly does look great. That's down to Vilmos Zsigmond. He filmed among other great looking films, Heaven's Gate, Deliverance, The Deer Hunter. BTW, I'm not vouching for the quality of each film, just the look. He also worked on three of my favourite films, The Long Goodbye, The Last Waltz and Winter Kills and also the stunning McCabe & Mrs Miller. He's still goin strong.

Fonda directed Wanda Nevada, a crap western with Brooke Shields.

Most of all, I like THH for Warren Oates, about my favourite actor.

Easy Rider struck me as being, frankly, fucking terrible when I saw it ten years ago. It just seems to embody the most vacuous elements of the hippie myth (which I'm not entirely unsympathetic to, I must admit), and while it may have been timely and relevant back in '69 it just looks godawful and dated now. I can appreciate the historical significance of the thing, but it's painful to watch nonetheless. Good soundtrack, though (would the Holy Modal Rounders have made it onto a film soundtrack at any other time in history?)...

I 've alway's enjoyed Easy Rider, but i'm not a hippy, or have ever riden a bike or smoked pot so you may wonder what the endearing fascination of this fillum is to me!! It could be the zanyness of Jack Nicholson, the brill soundtrack, sweeping countryside, the couldn't give a toss attitude of the two main stars, or simply the fact that a couple of rednecks in a pick up truck blast the 2 of them out of existence at the films conclusion. A cue for the most pointless deaths in a movie anyone?

Is there a more empty and meaningless fillum than 'Zabriskie Point' ? The 'point' being that there is no point perhaps? The guy in that movie, Mark Frechette, died while bench pressing weights in prison!! pretty funny that, well not for him maybe, but i always used to think about that in the Gym!!

I usually look at the women when -- if -- I'm in the gym ... to study their physiques. I don't think about Frechette.

Pretty good soundtrack though. And I see it gets an OK rating in the IMDb.

I've just been reading some other reviews that show it in a different light. I haven't seen it for about 20 years so maybe I was over harsh. Never the less, when I saw it in 1982 or 83 I hated it.

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