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Is "Taking a Test Wicket" a career victory? Because when you guys score like 14,391 runs a game, 500 doesn't sound like much.

Andrew, speaking in baseball analogies, 500 is like for a pitcher's statisic, maybe someone who's had the most strikeouts. 14,000 is for a career batter's figures. Say, Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth.

I mean, is the 500 or 1000 wickets the number of wickets he's actually knocked over in competition? That doesn't seem a lot, but then I don't know cricket.

500 is the number of wickets he's taken in Test Matches. In other words, those official matches between the 10 Test playing countries.

Got it, thanks!

This reminds me of many articles written by white supremacist when Hank Aaron was about to break Babe Ruth's record.

1. Murali has subjected himself to all tests conducted on him willingly, never did the sri lankan board or murali for that matter refuse to be tested in Australia either. CLEARLY signs of how confident Murali and the Sri Lankan's are about the legality of his action.

2. Murali went on channel4 (UK) to bowl with a cast on his arm to prove that his elbow does not straighten, it was broadcast all over England so the british public can be educated on the matter. It was proven without a doubt the caste on his arm would not allow him to to straighten his elbow and as a result the slow motion camera's picked up his shoulders and wrist rotating in a 360 degree motion. Only Murali can do this due to a deformity at birth.


3. The ICC funded an investigation into the matter which involved Bob Simpson of Australia and one representative from every Test playing nation. Biomechanic experts, scientists and the above mentioned representatives studied his action with cameras that captured at 350-500 frames per second.

So now think about what you guys are claiming. Despite the facts you claim that the biomechanic experts, the reputed scientists from the Uni of Western AUSTRALIA and the ICC and even Australia's own BOB Simpson is in on a conspiracy to keep Murali a bloke from Sri Lanka in the game?

You guys are a joke and the rest of the world is laughing, keep at it chaps!

Thanks for your input, Hilal. And thanks for pointing out all the tests were OFF the field. Thanks, too, for playing the race card; that was a nice touch.

By the way, Murali still chucks.

Well said Tone. Funnily enough, Murali reminds me of Hank Aaron's record too... in the Barry Bonds sense.


This cast thing is a farce though. Noone denies Murali could bowl the way he does in a rigid cast. The problem is that the thrust of his upper arm and the bent elbow causes his arm to straighten without the cast. That is: in every game he has ever played.

"This reminds me of many articles written by white supremacist when Hank Aaron was about to break Babe Ruth's record."

I can assure you that while many of the commentators here may be anglo-derived, none would could consider themselves supreme at anything. Except perhaps appalling puns.

And before you have a go at me, I should point out I'm actually a 250 pound black woman of Afro-Caribbean extraction with two (2) Grammy awards to my credit - as you might be able to guess from my net de plume.

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