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TJ is spot on about Murali, of course, while stopping short of using the 'banned' word chucker, i certainly don't, having witnessed his new delivery on TV. There is a pretty good chance of the cheat finishing way ahead of the pack as world leading wicket taker, BUT i do not recognize this at all and a thick red line should be drawn through his record.

Warnie looked FITTER than i've ever seen him before- the ball was coming out perfectly, pace of the deliveries spot on and as he said, the Lanks never played many bad shots to him. He simply mesmerised 'em.

You need to collate this list mate.

AND the Sainters won the cup, how good does it get for Warnie??

I notice today his doosra to Haydos was an absolute shocker. That's a shocking action that one.

It's more fun to follow the links, Scott.

I hate the Saints.

Warney - should quit once he breaks the record - move to LA and make porno's. It's his calling (pardon the pun). He and Simone and maybe Sharon Mitchell going for it. Boned Shane!!
"Hey Sharon, wanna see my "doosra"?

Behave. Come to think of it ... Simone DOES look a bit porno. Wonder what Sharon's up to these days. Great chassis.

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