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Not for one moment am I defending the googly eyed little chucker but jesus... how much more does Roebuck want him to do? Asked on to take half to three quarters of the wickets every match, I reckon he has been just as much a handful as a lot of people have expected him to. Five 5-for's (or close enough) is doing pretty well if you ask me!

Actually, now that you mention it, Ads, it does seem a bit harsh. Never the less, Vaas and Zoysa have done reasonably good work and enough to bulwalk Murali. And how many wickets has he got in the lower half of the order? (6 - 11) He hasn't really looked like threatening Ponting, Lehmann, Hayden and Martin. And the Spanker is right, he's been very defensive and been waiting for the Aussies to get themselves out.

Boofa played him o.k. during his 153 in this 3rd test, although he picked up his now mandatory 5 bloody wickets, all against the tail. He seems to pick Murali's funny delivery. And spanky wrote a good 'un there.

True, I do reckon Putinder Vass has been really good in this series, probably more threatening to our top order than Murali has been. And yeah 90% of his wickets have been gifted by our bottom order.

I think its been a case of our bats reading him though more than him bowling poorly. He ran through us in the first innings of the first test, and ever since then our top and middle order have been able to blunt him, if not dominate him for periods. If I could bowl (term used loosely) like he does, I'd expect to have anyone in trouble. But overuse of the doosra (translated into one thats chucked the other way) and our boys willingness to give him a bit of tap has him in trouble.

Funny you should mention that, Brett. The other night when I saw Murali had snagged 5 after taking 2 for 130 odd, I screamed at the telly. Bishy's right -- a thief.

Ads, I like the way they've decided to have a go at him. Just like the Kiwis and Shane Warne. Take a risk and try to slog him off his rhythm.

The doosra though. Shit a brick. That is a fair dinkum chuck.

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