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Martin Amis seems to have talent, definately a great article. The same guy I assume who wrote Dead Babies and although I haven't read it, it was made into a movie in the late '90's which I found to be a downright warped classic. Most reviews are less complementary.

Porn and frayed - Great title Tone.

In The Annabel Chong Story we see the porn producer going on about people leeching off Grace/Annabel, when in fact he never paid her any of the promised 10,000 for her "feat".

Then we find out that the men hadn't been tested before the 'event', as had been promised.

Love the two names - Khan Tusion and Max Hardcore.

Max Hardcore almost sounds like he should be an Aussie porn star.

Disappointed about Marc Wallice. Silly prick.

Seen a few of Stagliano's Buttman flicks - very funny.

One of the best porn titles to look out for is "around the world in 80 lays" shot (literally) in Amsterdam, Paris, Bangkok, Los Angeles and London. Features everything you wish to see (so i've heard)

Not to mention the self inflicted exit of Cal Jammer.


Dead Babies, first time I've heard of Paul Bettany other than Master & Commander.


"The scene where the dwarf-ish friend is tied to a tree and then shot up with dope is pure comedy magic."

Magic indeed.

Burtois, never heard of Khan Tusion but Max Hardcore does a big line in chain porn video. Wallice is a cunt if it's all true, and I've never seen any of Stag's gear. Anal porn doesn't do it for me.

There are millions of funny porno titles, Brett. "Ram Booohhhhhh!"

Extra cash? Brilliant. Ha Ha.

"Cal obviously had energy to burn, since he also picked up some extra cash making sets for the flicks he sexed in."

"Sexed" in??

And 'actors' like Long Dong Silver.

Vietnam went long on the dong.

Im glad porn stars get HIV,I truly hope they are ALL infected,it would be great.Just imagine Jenna,Brianna all of them with an AIDS death sentence!!Id laugh for days.Im sooo thrilled to hear about the new outbreak of HIV today, I hope it continues and we see some big names die a slow painfull death!
wow Jenna your only 55 lbs,they can hardly put all the I.V.'s in your arm,ooh Brianna, you look so sad,say do you still wanna do a little lesbo scene with jenna over here,opps she just flatlined! how do you feel about making out wiht the dead Brianna?? hahahahahahhahahaha

Hey Joe. That's no way to talk about your mum

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