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Planet Paranoid!

Yeah i enjoyed 'Silver Streak' hysterically funny. I think that giant guy was in that and was spotted by James Bond producers to play 'jaws'.

PARANOID?!? Who's been saying I'm paranoid?!? The truth is out there. Wake up and smell the scandals, Wickstein!

Yeah, not a bad film, Brett. That's Richard Kiel, he'd been around for a while -- he was in The Mean Machine and I remember him in a bit part in The Nutty Professor, that was the early sixties -- so I don't think he would have been spotted just in SS. But you never know.

Scatman Crothers - "Goddamned hippees!"

On the train with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder:

Pryor - what do they want you for?
Wilder - murder
Pryor - drop me off anywhere along here okay? I don't mess with the Big M!

One of two possibilities, Unca Tim....

1) Your name is Charlie Williams and I did my apprenticeship with you in the Pilbara in the early 80's.

2) You're my brother.

because they both used to say that.


3) You're neither.

PS: The other line frequently quoted whenever we arrived anywhere - "Hellllllooooo Chi-Cago!"

I'm neither. Where is the Pilbara?

Mr Williams and your brother must be good judges. Silver Streak is a very good quotable film. "Hello Chicago!" Just after the train has crashed into the Chicago station.

Although a great line, I was never a "I don't mess with the Big M!" quoter but definately a "Helllloooo Chi-Cago!" quoter by the great Scatman Crothers. Still say it to this day.

Stir Crazy was almost as good, but died in the arse 3/4 of the way.

See No Evil Hear No Evil - saw a couple of minutes. Evil that studios can put out such shit.

When channel surfing, I think they did another one in the late 90's but it was far too horrible to watch.

Pilbara? Head to Perth. When you get there, turn right. Keep going.

Hmmm, must be Dave DeWaal. Could have sworn it was someone called Richard. And they don't have Big M in WA, they have Browns Choc something.

nice directions Tony, Head to Pilbara and THEN keep on going, cos there's nothing to keep anybody there. Apart from a graveyard.

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